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Francis Hintermann

Global Lead – Accenture Research

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Managing Director – Accenture Research

The many options of the Cloud Continuum

Accenture's researcher shares what can businesses learn about cloud strategy from a father’s experience buying a gaming console.

Create Smart Products that are actually smart

Accenture’s new survey reveals insights into the right way to move your product portfolio from dumb + passive to smart + connected.

The problem with predicting the future of business

Accenture describes why do even the smartest of us get the future wrong when forecasting what’s next or predicting the future of business.

What I learned about energy transition growing up in Finland

Industrial decarbonization helps people, planet and profits. Accenture Researcher Lasse Kari shows how in...

How my local cheese shop brings business of experience to life

Accenture's blog explains how the business of experience is reshaping the way people interact with...

How will COVID-19 change us? 4 scenarios you need to know about

Accenture's survey reveals nearly 70% of the entrepreneurs don’t anticipate a return to business as usual post...

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