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State of workplaces due to COVID-19

How nonprofits can manage now

Culture and leadership

Skill your leaders to understand team dynamics and identify what works best while managing from a distance.

Elastic collaboration tools

Choose a virtual workforce solution that supports both sides of the coin: keeping track of work and staying connected.

Virtual work sessions

Follow best practices and keep you audience engaged to collaborate no matter where they are.

As we faced the challenge of remote working, we were thrilled to have the support and expertise of our longtime partner Accenture. We quickly got up to speed on key tools for running online learning, practical how-to content and ways to keep learning fun. We provided critical, just-in-time support for young entrepreneurs as they face their biggest challenge yet for business survival.

Turn workplace challenges into meaningful change

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Anastasia T. Marceau

Managing Director, Inclusive Business Lead – Accenture Development Partnerships

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Manager – Corporate Citizenship