In brief

In brief

  • Four technology trends are driving improved customer engagement and lifetime customer value within the travel industry.
  • Travel companies are leveraging data to build trust with customers to provide seamless personalized experiences, fueling customer satisfaction.
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges of becoming a frictionless business.

Accenture’s 2018 Tech Vision report analyzes transformational technologies and the impact on businesses and society as a whole. We are in an era where tech is built into every interaction, causing people and businesses alike to reimagine what’s possible. Discover the IT trends that are rapidly reshaping daily life and dive into a deeper technology connection.

Today’s travel is characterized by a series of transactions and discontinuous experiences that travelers must navigate to get from A to B. But we have the power to change customers’ experiences. We live in a world that’s more connected than ever. Innovation is causing disruption and creating a two-way street, with customers feeding information and access back to the products and services they’re using.

There are numerous opportunities for travel businesses to create competitive differentiation and utilize partnerships in new ecosystems to extend market reach and customer services. By utilizing emerging technologies trends, the travel industry is on its way to becoming truly real-time.

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These four technology trends are transforming the travel industry and creating the foundation for future enterprise growth.

Data Veracity

Travel businesses must earn the right to use the customer data they collect by providing improved and innovative experiences.

Internet of Thinking

The technology to connect with customers and run in the background to create a seamless travel experience is becoming more accessible and cheaper.

Frictionless Business

Travel companies are breaking down the walls between them to open out their enterprises with new digital technologies, delivering more satisfying experiences to customers.

Extended Reality

Pioneering new technology will soon take customers beyond getting from A to B by offering services that enhance their trip when they reach a destination.

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