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Industry Luminaries

Government Senior Advisory Program

The vision

Drive research, collaboration and innovation in Public Service.

Contribute their practical experience and insight, enabling an exchange of ideas and delivery of workable solutions.

Energize sales and delivery to differentiate Accenture in the marketplace.

Program objectives

Better results for clients

We are in a better position to help our clients achieve better results.

Open doors

See beyond the illusion of customer loyalty.

Recruit the best fellows

Recruits possess real experiences to help design and promote our key offerings.

Drive thought leadership

Strengthen our thought leadership in the PS market.

Build our brand

Leverage visionaries to improve government services and operations.

Be a leader in transformation and innovation

Help clients create transformation agenda through innovation.

Program members

Stuart Beare

Former Commander – Canadian Armed Forces Operations Command

After 36 years of military service, General Stu is deeply experienced in the business of National Security and Defense.
Thomas Bradley

Former Chief of Staff – Alberta Government

After retiring from service in the Canadian Armed Forces, Tom joined Alberta public service, Department of Municipal Affairs.
Peter Henschel

Former Deputy Commissioner – Policing Services, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Peter is a strategic advisor for Policing and Public Safety within Accenture's Health and Public Service practice in Canada.
Peter Hutchinson

Former Public Sector Executive – Government Transformation Advisor

Peter has deep experience helping to address the policy challenges governmental, education and nonprofit organizations are facing.

Former Comptroller – Commonwealth of Massachusetts

As a Public Service strategy consultant, Bill guides state and local governments toward human resources and procurement transformation solutions.

Ron Lloyd

Former Commander – Royal Canadian Navy

Ron was the 35th Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy where he was responsible for force generation and force development.
David Nicholl

Former Corporate Chief Information Officer – Government of Ontario

David is a proven IT and business executive who coalesces senior teams around key strategic, operational and financial decisions.
Pari Sabety

Former Budget Director – State of Ohio

Pari has held cabinet-level positions in state government and served as a Vice Chancellor and CFO in higher education.

Jesse Samberg

Former Shared Services Director – Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Jesse is a public transit expert with 25+ years of experience in organization transformation and project management.
Jeffrey Solomon

Former EVP and Chief Financial Officer – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Jeffrey is a senior executive and leader driving innovation and transformation in higher education for 27 years.

Rick Webb

Former, Chief Information Officer – State of North Carolina

Rick supports state and local CIOs as they transform how government uses technology to improve citizen services and public outcomes.

Jody Weis

Former Law Enforcement Leader – Public Safety Advisor

Jodi is the only person to have successfully led one of the nation's largest FBI field offices and one of its top police agencies.

Key characteristics of a government senior advisor

Strong background and first-hand experience

as an executive leader in local, state or higher education in areas of focus for our consulting and industry platform teams.

Industry thought leader

who has a proven track record in transforming government programs and operations.

A robust network

among other state, local and higher education institutions.

Good communication and writing skills

to produce thought leadership articles and and client presentations.

Able to leverage social media

to promote initiatives Accenture is driving into the marketplace.

Not identified as a political figure

who could have challenges working with leaders in both political parties.

What we think

Public service for a new era

Public service organizations are at the center of an uncertain period of community and economic life.

The future state CIO

Accenture and NASCIO surveyed state CIOs to understand their role in driving innovation.

Meet the team

Rick Webb

Former, Chief Information Officer – State of North Carolina
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