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Basic policy on the protection of personal information at Accenture Japan

Atsushi Egawa
Representative Director and President Japan Country Managing Director
Accenture Japan Ltd.

** In the event of any conflict between the Japanese version and English version of this document, the Japanese version shall prevail. **

As a global company that provides services and solutions in the areas of “strategy & consulting,” “interactive,” “technology,” and “operations,” Accenture Japan Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Accenture”) has established appropriate management rules and systems on information related to individuals (name, address, telephone number, and other personally identifiable information, including all current and future information), such as information on Accenture customers (including those who visit our website) (“Personal Information”) to comply with laws, regulations and other standards concerning the protection of Personal Information so that we can achieve a high performance business together with our customers.

Accenture hereby stipulates, declares, discloses and notifies of the “Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information at Accenture Japan.”

  1. Based on the global group standard “Data Privacy Policy,” Accenture manages all Personal Information, including our customers’ information appropriately and rigorously. To prevent leakage, loss, unauthorized access/destruction/falsification/damage, and use or provision of information out of scope of the purpose, we shall comply with laws, regulations, government guidelines and other standards on the processing of Personal Information, and shall take sufficient safety measures in compliance with such laws, etc.

  2. Accenture shall collect, use, and provide Personal Information only for the purpose of use we notified or disclosed, for which the data subject’s consent has been obtained, and/or permitted by law. Furthermore, Accenture shall not process Personal Information beyond the purpose of use.

  3. Accenture shall properly respond to inquiries and complaints regarding the Personal Information and the protection of Personal Information.

  4. Accenture shall set up a personal information protection management system, make all executives, employees, and related parties fully aware of such system and continue to implement, correct, and improve the system.

(Note) This policy has been established for external disclosure to comply with the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” brought into effect in April 2005, and Accenture has established a global group standard “Data Privacy Policy” (click here for the Japanese version) to ensure the protection of personal information across the Accenture Group worldwide.

For details regarding the processing of Personal Information at Accenture Japan, click here.

Established: April 1, 2005
Date of latest revision: May 11, 2020