Yubin L.

Digital Consultant

Tokyo Office

"As a team, we are always eager to help each other and never hesitate to ask questions."

What I do

At Accenture, I work at an RPA(Robotic Process Automation) project for a leading oil company. Many large firms are using RPA to optimize business processes and improve working efficiency now. At my project, team members hold user hearings, break down business processes for the development team, and release software with the support of AMO (Application Management Outsourcing) support users. As a team, we are always eager to help each other and never hesitate to ask questions.

As a liberal arts major, I had never even tried coding before joining Accenture. However, since joining, through personal study, training, and many opportunities for hands-on learning, I have been able to catch up very quickly and now large parts of my day are spent working with computer code. Over time, I have gained a solid base from which to tackle new challenges as they arise.

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A day in my life

Japan has always had a reputation for hard work - start early and work until midnight or later. That was true in the past, but things have changed. I normally start work at 9 a.m. and finish up around 6-7 p.m. with a morning meeting to review and assign the day’s tasks, followed by a day of coding, communicating with internal and outsourcing team members (located in China), reviewing and forwarding documents, and the occasional client meeting.

We are currently working from home, but I feel no separation from my colleagues. It’s a good environment to learn and grow my RPA knowledge and other skills, like collaboration, communication, and multi-tasking.

As I continue work on my current project, I’ve already started thinking about my next career steps - I’ve recently become interested in Cloud technology and would like to explore the possibility of moving to a Cloud-related project next. Accenture is enormously supportive of their people trying new things, so I look forward to speaking with my people lead (formerly known as a career counselor) about this - I am sure they’ll help me make the best choices for my future.

"It’s not about who you are and what language you speak, it’s about the value you provide."

My advice

I spoke very little Japanese before I entered the company. It was tough at first, because I lacked confidence and couldn’t always express myself, but with my colleagues’ help, my Japanese is getting better and better. I will never forget the excitement and pride I felt when I first heard one of my clients say he was glad to work with me and felt grateful for having me in our team. It’s not about who you are and what language you speak, it’s about the value you provide.

For anyone looking for a rewarding career, regardless of their educational background, I would not hesitate to recommend Accenture - they’re an employer that really takes care of you, and if you know what you’re after and what you want, they will try their hardest to help you achieve your potential. I’m very thankful that they have given me the chance.

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