Lillian Chang

Managing Director

Osaka, Japan

"I transferred from Accenture Taiwan to Accenture Japan Kansai Office in 2019 to support Accenture's growth opportunities in Japan."

What I do

I started my career at Accenture Taiwan in 1994 and transferred to Japan in 2019 with the aspiration to support Accenture's growth opportunities in Japan.
As a Technology Consultant my role is to help global clients in transforming their business with technology enablement. Currently I am handling an SAP global roll out project for a major company based in Kansai.

Working at Accenture has provided me a very good platform to contribute across a large-scale global environment, while working with various people from different cultures/experiences.
When you work in a global setting, you get to learn different work culture styles and it is very useful. For example, when you present your business proposal to clients in Germany, you need to be logical, and that is true in Japan as well. However, it may have to be more direct, starting with your conclusion first. In Japan on the other hand, you may need to build a story around your proposal first and then provide a conclusion. There is no good or bad to it, but you don’t understand it easily if you are not in a global environment.
Just before coming to Kansai, I was in a 2-year large scale project where I traveled to 10 countries including Japan. I have also worked in Shanghai for 6 years. These experiences helped me learn various cultures and develop skills to adopt different communication styles as well as inter-personal skills.

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A day in my life

Nowadays almost all interactions are virtual, so I feel the location in which you are based does not really matter. I make the very best of the online tools such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Whiteboard.
On a daily basis, I have calls with clients and Accenture teams from Japan, EMEA, US and Asia in different time zones. Therefore, my work schedule will be adjusted to start late in Japan time so as to work until late to finish calls with EMEA, for example.

My team in Japan is culturally very diverse, with 50% Japanese, 40% Indian, and 10% Chinese members. Japanese colleagues are based either in Kansai Office or Tokyo Office. We communicate in English. For non-English speakers, it means there is no choice but to improve English skills.

I live in Kyoto, so outside of work I enjoy hiking and visiting nearby temples.

"More and more clients in Japan are getting global and global experiences are highly valued"

My advice

If you are interested in working for Accenture Japan, it is useful to be mindful to Japan specific culture or work style while finding your own way.
More and more clients in Japan are getting global and global experiences are highly valued. My clients can all speak English, but 30% of the meetings are still in Japanese. I would therefore say Japanese understanding really helps. I did not have any Japanese language skill, but I also started to learn slowly. Knowing kanji is useful in exploring Kyoto.
If you have good Japanese language skills but you are not confident of your English abilities, I would say don’t afraid to speak. If you don’t push yourself then you don’t improve!


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