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コマーシャルディレクター(シニアマネジャーーアソシエイト・ディレクター)- コーポレート職

Yokohama Job No. r00044801 Full-time


Role Description

Work with client and account leadership to deliver Accenture's deal economics through rigorous adherence to the commercial process; by implementing, integrating, and managing the four pillars - financial, contract management, resource / project management and commercial relationship, and by providing an analytical focus to enhance commercial performance.

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee all commercial aspects of Accenture's relationship with a client to optimize financial and business operations results and to deliver client value
  • Commercial Director's role is to meet and/or exceed the expected profitability on the account
  • Clearly manage risk and the process for tracking contingency to limit surprises on the account
  • Function as the "COO" for the account, supporting delivery with day-to-day responsibility for leading a fully integrated business operations team consisting of the following functions:
    • Financial Management
    • Contract Management and Legal
    • Program management office (PMO)
    • Commercial Relationship
    • People Resourcing and HR Management
  • Participate with account leadership in delivering successfully against the contract and client expectations
  • Establish and maintain on site engagement and client relationship
  • Work closely with account leadership regarding account planning and business strategy
  • Manage a diverse portfolio of contracts for a specific client applying resource as required to effect results
  • Participate in and provide leadership for all client commercial negotiations
  • Evaluate and prioritize levers which drive profitability for Accenture
  • Provide risk management strategies and techniques to help deliver optimized client value
  • Coordinate and focus on areas such as :

Financial Management

  • Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Reporting
  • Pricing
  • Business Case Management
  • Profit Optimization
  • EVA Analysis

Contract Management

  • Contract Compliance
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Negotiation
  • Vendor Management
  • Issue Resolution

Relationship Management

  • Develop and Maintain Commercial Relationships
  • Client Expectation Management
  • Relationship Mapping

Program Management Office

  • Accenture best practices & tool utilization
  • Operational Performance Enhancement
  • Commercial Dash Board monthly reporting
  • Review and manage the use of MSA's by contract
  • Governance Meeting Structure & Coordination
  • Provide pipeline visibility
  • Monitor and increase compliance in delivery risk areas
  • CQMA Coordination

People Resourcing and HR Plan Management

  • Training Management
  • Staffing
  • Annual Process Administration
  • HR Support
  • Facilities
  • Labor Mix Reporting/Analysis
  • Set Unit Targets
  • Supply/Demand
  • Forecasting
  • Bench management



Establish credibility as a member of the account leadership team and with other internal stakeholders in order to invest in the development of a necessary foundation of trust and mutual respect

  • Ability to build strong rapport with client C-suite leadership and commercial counterparts based on established common goals and fact-based discussions – while also being principled in negotiations
  • Given the account-wide breadth and depth of responsibilities, develop influence with the remainder of the account leadership team in order to affect account level strategy and decisions
  • Ability to understand the commercial issues, prioritize accordingly, establish an overall commercial plan for the account, drive client-focused (both internal and external) behaviors – and ensure follow through and frequent communication with relevant stakeholders
  • Strong people skills in order to effectively link the team's responsibilities to the objectives of the commercial team and account, create a challenging and rewarding work environment, and help commercial team members achieve their career aspirations
  • Deep understanding of contract management principles required to negotiate optimal terms and conditions, including understanding deal shapes, client solutions, and ongoing risk management
  • In-depth financial management capabilities and demonstrated ability to analyse financial information and manage a P&L
  • Clear understanding of the commercial levers of an outsourcing and/or consulting contract, and how to manage them over the duration of the contract, in order to both manage the existing business and help grow the account
  • Demonstrated ability to direct complex daily activities of multiple work streams, focused on issue resolution, while being an effective communicator/leader simultaneously across operating groups, growth platforms, an account, and the client.
  • A clear understanding of the utilization of risk management and risk/reward optimization
  • Resilient, self-motivated, goal driven orientation
  • Professional, confident, and strong leadership presence Objectives

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