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The next generation of child support

Foundation for Accenture Child Support Enforcement Solutions (FACSES)

A positive impact on families and children

Child support agencies help children get the financial support they need by locating absent parents, establishing paternity, obtaining child support orders and enforcing support payments. Without assistance from state agencies, many single-parent homes would not receive the child support payments required for basic necessities.

Even as funding and access to skilled caseworkers decrease, agencies face rising caseloads and increasing complexity. Given those challenges, agencies need modern, proven technology systems. They need systems that minimize administrative burden, increase productivity, improve program effectiveness and accelerate delivery of benefits, while still maintaining compliance requirements.

Many legacy child support systems are falling short in meeting those requirements. Aging technologies, siloed functions, high levels of manual intervention and lack of visibility into performance are all undermining the efficiency and effectiveness of child support enforcement programs.

Certified, proven at scale, flexible and modern

For many child support agencies, technology transformation is now essential. But implementing new systems, or updating existing ones, can be a challenge. FACSES has been proving its value in the country’s largest child support system since 2007.

That's flexible

FACSES is a repository of proven, configurable and certified application components that speed implementation and lower implementation risk.

Ready for enterprise Human Services integration

Accenture Public Service Platform (APSP) helps agencies manage citizen services in an integrated way—reducing costs while improving delivery.

And modern

A proven, industry-leading solution, FACSES brings innovative approaches to automating business processes and advanced technologies.

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"Accenture brings a tremendous amount of knowledge to the table. They really do understand what this [Child Support] program is about, how it is about the federal complexities of the program, the interstate nature of the program, but they also bring that engagement, that...that sense of how important the mission of child support is to families, as well as the creativity to see what’s possible in the future and what we can be doing to do a better job serving the families of our country."

— Marilyn Stephen, IV-D Director – Michigan Department of Human Services

Agencies need new systems with critical features

Responsiveness to agency and federal certification requirements

Modern, accessible and collaborative user interaction

Easier upgrades and integration with existing technology investments

Increased automation

Analytics-driven performance insight

Enhanced customer self-service

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Transformational benefits

FACSES is the right solution at the right time. With child support agencies under increasing pressure to deliver more with less, it creates a flexible foundation for increasing productivity, reducing costs and improving the lives of citizens.

Increased productivity

FACSES minimizes the administrative burden for caseworkers, increasing productivity and performance through real-time case management and automation.

Future-ready flexibility

With its open standards-based architecture, FACSES is easy to upgrade and refine, and ready for integration with other systems and software products.

High interoperability across human services

FACSES is ready to interact seamlessly with Accenture’s industry-leading family case management and public assistance eligibility systems.

Enhanced user satisfaction and program performance

FACSES drives improved outcomes including mobility, collaboration, navigation improvements and planning tools.

Improved customer engagement

With its award-winning, patented citizen self-service portal, FACSES delivers an experience that enhances customer engagement.

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