Accenture Case Insight Solution (ACIS)

Taking the guesswork out of casework

Accenture Case Insight Solution (ACIS) helps keep children safe and families stable. How? By shining a light on risks and opportunities and empowering caseworkers to make better decisions.

The right capabilities with the right function

We designed the Accenture Case Insight Solution to reduce caseworkers’ administrative burden — giving them more time to focus on the people they serve.

Extensive child welfare case management model

Capture even the most complex scenarios and situations

Flexible alignment with multiple practice models

Update workflows, pages, fields and forms without writing any code

Dynamic workflows, forms and reports

Make data entry faster and more efficiency

Electronic signature and document management

Shift toward paperless processes with integrated eSignature and document management features

Artificial Intelligence

Give staff critical insights to help them make better and faster decisions

Secure cloud hosting and external-facing portals

Have 24-hour access and federally compliant storage solutions

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We asked. You answered. We listened.

At Accenture, we didn’t want to create a modern CWIS that simply does the same things faster or more efficiently. We wanted to design a CWIS that would enable new ways of working. And we wanted our CWIS to be oriented around the most important outcome: a safe and permanent home for every child.

To make that happen, we turned to people with experience in the field of child welfare. We asked, “What do you need your tech to do for you?” We used those learnings to inform the solution’s design.

Watch this short telestration to learn what’s unique about the Accenture Case Insight Solution.

Give caseworkers what they need most

In her blogs, Molly Tierney explores the untapped potential of child welfare technology.

Safety for kids

Give caseworkers the information they need — when they need it — to make reliable safety decisions.

Fewer kids in foster care

Empower caseworkers to make decisions and take actions that reduce the time a child spends in foster care.

More kids staying safely at home

Arm caseworkers with data that makes it possible for more kids to stay safely at home with their families.

Technology that’s easy to pick up and use

Offer caseworkers modern technology that’s as simple, intuitive and valuable as their smart phone.

Collaboration with Fostering Media Connections

Accenture regularly partners with Fostering Media Connections on video and audio projects that help further elevate discussion of critical issues in the field of child welfare.

Fostering Media Connections (FMC) is the nonprofit publisher of The Imprint, a national online publication that covers child welfare, juvenile justice and other youth and family services, and Fostering Families Today, a bimonthly magazine for foster and kinship caregivers around the country.

Accenture and Fostering Media Connections have explored opportunities to use technology to drive systemic change — including the role of tech in delivering more proactive support to families.


Reform is the destination. Tech is the road.


Child welfare: How do we get upstream?

What we think

Moving to a modern CWIS is more than a technological challenge. It also requires an investment in managing change among the child welfare workforce and ecosystem.

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