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The pace of change continues to accelerate. While it’s increasingly important for federal agencies to stay ahead of the curve, it’s also difficult to even know what that curve may look like. How can federal agencies better prepare for what’s ahead when the future feels so uncertain?

Strategic foresight can help, by providing a framework for challenging assumptions and imagining new scenarios in today's fast-moving world. It has two key benefits:

  1. It can strengthen resiliency, by enabling organizations to visualize, explore and prepare for the unimaginable.
  2. It can foster innovation, helping organizations envision and evaluate new approaches they would not have otherwise considered.

In a new report, learn four steps federal leaders can take to begin adopting and scaling strategic foresight across their agencies.

Explore how federal leaders can proactively explore diverse futures to anticipate change, withstand disruptions, and seize new opportunities.

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Federal Viewpoints blog

Where future meets federal. Viewpoints on making change matter.

New CISO research points to zero trust

New research underscores why federal CISOs must adopt new assumptions about their IT environments, and implement a zero trust security model.

Exploring a new future for federal grants management

The three building blocks of modern federal grants management are digital platforms, human-centered design, and process analytics.

Baseline - July 2022

This month in ML: text-to-image synthesis model comparison, training MMT models with hallucinations, semantic segmentation without supervision, and more.

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Count on us to help you solve your toughest challenges at the heart of the nation’s priorities with wide-ranging missions across defense, intelligence, homeland security, justice, diplomacy, civilian and health.


Innovation is the new advantage. Learn more.

National security

We bring together focused insights and technological advances, giving the mission space the advantage to stay ahead of adversaries. Learn more.

Civilian services

Enable exceptional service delivery and experiences that citizens love.
Learn more.

Federal health

Strengthen force readiness, veteran and citizen services, and national health outcomes and productivity. Learn more.

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Case studies

We help bring ideas to life and deliver better outcomes faster. Together, we combine new technologies with proven practices from leading organizations to deliver what matters most to your workforce & customers. Because great outcomes mean everything.

Moving systems on a highly expedited timeline.

Making eligibility verification a breeze.

Combining cloud and workforce transformation for lasting success.

The Bureau of Land Management modernized its system to streamline processes and improve customer experience.

Accenture helped USDA develop a solution to integrate multiple communication channels into a single user experience.

Department of Education transforms customer experience for over 40 million borrowers.

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Accenture Federal Services wins $199 million Transportation Security Administration contract

Accenture Federal Services was hired to support Secure Flight System with range of IT services.

Accenture Federal Services Wins $175 Million NASA Contract to Scale Innovative Crowdsourcing Capabilities

Accenture Federal Services has won a multi-award IDIQ contract to perform crowdsourcing and other crowd-based solution delivery initiatives for NASA.

Accenture Federal Services wins $118 million U.S. Department of State data management contract

Accenture will support the agency with fraud reduction and data replication services associated with passports and visas.


Whether you’re a strategic thinker, a digital innovator or a business problem solver, you'll find an exciting career path on the leading edge doing work that matters and helping federal agencies transform the way government works.

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Our people are passionate about making a difference. Learn how our people deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity in the communities where we work and live, and around the world—shaping tomorrow’s leaders, making everyday life better for veterans, closing the digital divide, reshaping the refugee narrative and more.


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We make it easy to work with us and our partners, so we can bring you the best and accelerate your digital transformation journey.

IDIQ contracts

You can find us on the following Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts and other contract vehicles.

Small business partners

We work with a wide range of small business partners to bring the best to your mission, business and people. Learn more.

ASM Research

Our subsidiary, ASM Research, brings additional resources and expertise in application development, cybersecurity and IT management to the mission.

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