4 trends shaping the next generation of government

Disruptive forces are radically reshaping the world as we know it. How will your agency take them on to deliver your mission and the services your customers and workforce want in new and different ways?

We invited strategists, designers, technologists, researchers, and current and former federal executives to point to where these forces are heading in the next 10 years, how they will impact government, and what you should do to prepare your agency now.

In Federal Vision 2030, we explore the four trends shaping the next generation of government today:

  • Data redefines relationships
  • Virtual is the new face of government
  • Trust is critical infrastructure
  • Authenticity is currency

Explore the four trends shaping government today and how you can apply them to ensure your agency is ready, relevant, and vital in the future.

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Count on us to help you solve your toughest challenges at the heart of the nation’s priorities with wide-ranging missions across defense, intelligence, homeland security, justice, diplomacy, civilian and health.

National Security

Accelerate national security advantage through emerging technologies like cloud, blockchain, AI, and advanced analytics. Learn more.

Federal health

Strengthen force readiness, veteran and citizen services, and national health outcomes and productivity. Learn more.

Service is our strength

Together we support the military community, veterans and their families. Learn more.

Civilian services

Enable exceptional service delivery and experiences that citizens love.
Learn more.

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We help you bring your best ideas to life and deliver better outcomes faster. Together, we combine new technologies with proven practices from the world's leading organizations to deliver what matters most to your workforce and your customers. Because great outcomes mean everything.

Case studies

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology collaborated with Accenture Federal Services to explore the potential of PGHD.

We developed a digital strategy for the National Park Service, with mobile apps and social media support to help guests reimagine their park visits.

We helped USPS implement its Full Service program, a digital initiative that increased customer value and drove operational efficiency. Find out how.

With the Office of Federal Student Aid, we created an online portal for students planning for college, using tech to help users build for the future.

Building an enterprise resource planning system for the future for the Inter-American Development Bank.

Deliver a positive consumer experience, fast enrollment system and greater accuracy.

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Powering your purpose

Our ongoing interview series spotlights extraordinary Accenture employees dedicated to changing the world.

Power Your Purpose introduces the Accenture employees who are transforming the way the world works and lives through passion and purpose. Read how they discovered their passions, learn about their work, and see their advice on how to live a purpose-driven life.


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ASM Research

Our subsidiary, ASM Research, brings additional resources and expertise in application development, cybersecurity and IT management to the mission.

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Over half of government workforce welcome intelligent technologies, but want more technical support and user training

U.S. government workers are receptive to learning and using new intelligent technologies and welcome opportunities to augment their skill sets.

Accenture Federal Services wins contract to modernize U.S. Air Force’s Personnel System

Accenture has been awarded a contract to modernize the payroll, leave-management and core human resources functions.

Accenture Federal Services boosts investment in government IT modernization with expanded Digital Studio in Washington, D.C.

Digital Studio doubles in size to meet growing demand from federal agencies for digital services.

Where future meets federal

Viewpoints on applying the new, now in federal.

AI in healthcare—Time for action, not barriers

All of the components of the AI ecosystem (machine learning, natural language processes, deep learning, decision support and others) can provide the paradigm change to move toward the Triple Aim of healthcare.

AI in healthcare—A key to industry evolution

AI is poised to revolutionize healthcare operations, health research, the delivery of medical care and how patients are supported to maintain health. It is and will be a critical part of long-term healthcare solutions. AI already is in numerous industry processes, apps and systems with which we interact daily, and healthcare is primed for AI expansion.

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