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The concept of what a car is for is drastically changing. The convergence of four megatrends electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and the sharing economy is revolutionizing today’s automotive businesses. Each one of these trends is powerful on its own, but the combination of all four is profoundly disruptive and creating the need for change.

Today, OEMs dominate the auto business with very high barriers to entry: They engineer, build and sell mechanical vehicles, leveraging their mass production prowess and extensive distribution networks.

But the game is changing—new players with customer-centric business models are entering the automotive space. Customers’ mobility needs and expectations, shaped by experiences in other industries, are soaring.

Automotive players still are in a good starting position to win the customer, but they must act now, reinventing themselves in 3 key dimensions: agility to compete, customer-centricity and new business models.

What we do

We help the automotive industry transform to win tomorrow’s customer in 3 key areas: agility to compete, customer-centricity and new business models.

Industry X

Agility to Compete: Drive efficiencies in core product value chain: engineering, manufacturing and aftersales.

Intelligent functions

Agility to Compete: Streamline support functions (HR, IT, Finance) with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The new IT

Agility to Compete: Accelerate speed to market with the New IT architecture and operating model.

Living marketing

Customer Centricity: Manage digital content across functions to increase effectiveness, reduce time to market, while reducing related costs.

The new automotive dealer: Designed for me

Customer Centricity: Transform the in-store dealer experience—for sales and service—to a dealer of the future.

Future distribution models

Customer Centricity: Prepare for more disruptive changes in the future car distribution model.

Accenture Mobility X

New Business Models: A new market space generated by new technology and user needs. End-to-end services targeting consumers desire for mobility.

Autonomous, electric and connected

New Business Models: Provide new functions requiring new business and engineering capabilities.

Digitally enabled services: Mobility and beyond

New Business Models: Move from product to service with a Wise Pivot, launching services in the mobility space and beyond.

Monetize data from cars to customers

New Business Models: Transform the company into a data-driven business, extracting value from insights.

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Case studies

We worked with Rolls-Royce as part of the VentilatorChallengeUK Consortium.

ŠKODA AUTO drives innovation to become a leading customer-oriented mobility services company.

Learn how we helped CNH Industrial with their application maintenance services transformation.

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Accenture to acquire ESR Labs to help automotive companies drive greater value from software

ESR Labs will bring additional scale to Accenture’s focus on smart connected solutions and mobility services.

Mobility services will force auto manufacturers to reconsider future value of car ownership

The report “Mobility Services: The Customer Perspective,” looks at the key challenges for car manufacturers now and in the future in relation to the rise in mobility services.

Accenture, Faurecia and Affectiva team-up to develop the car cabin of the future

Accenture, Faurecia and Affectiva are collaborating to innovate driver safety and in-car infotainment for occupants.

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