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Communication is the answer to cyberthreats in a crisis

More than 16,000 coronavirus-related domains have been registered since January 2020. Howard Marshall from Accenture Security explains how hackers can exploit them.


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Where does B2B event marketing go from here?

With conferences canceled indefinitely, B2B brands are left without one of their most effective pipeline-building opportunities. What next?

How Accenture enables effective remote working

In this unprecedented time, our digital worker program is allowing our 500.000-strong global workforce be productive without disruption.

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“Now that we need to stay home, can VR close the gap of distance between all of us? Can it help recreate human physical connection?”

Rori Duboff

Managing Director, Accenture Interactive

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Utilities reposition with purpose at the core

In a time when the world is pressing pause, utilities are providing an essential social service that largely goes unnoticed — and that’s a strength.

7 ways covid-19 is accelerating trends in higher ed

At the start of 2020, higher education institutions were bracing for a challenging decade. Then came the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Bold, vocal and proud: 5 women advancing lesbian visibility

We celebrated International Lesbian Day of Visibility on April 26. Here are the stories of five proud members of Accenture’s LGBTI community.

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