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When every member of the organization has the tools to evolve their role, innovation starts to sprout up from every corner of the business.

Ricardo Polisel Alves

Managing Director – Technology Strategy & Advisory, Growth Markets

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It’s better to foresee than predict the future

When it comes to the Future of Business, it’s better to lead with facts than hope. Here’s why foresight will always trump predictions.


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Using the cloud to choose a gaming console

Whether it’s a new gaming console or business technology, choosing the right cloud continuum isn’t all fun and games. Here’s how to win with cloud.

3 innovations leading banking accessibility

The future of banking is being shaped by a surge of innovation happening across the sector. These three technologies are paving the path forward.

Hybrid workplace: The future for asset managers

Tomorrow’s workplace will have to strike a delicate balance between physical and virtual spaces. Here’s how asset managers can find their optimal mix.

How travel can follow the Leapfroggers to success

What role can technology play in the reemergence of travel? Just look to the Leapfroggers—those that prioritized IT during the pandemic—to find out.

More data means better outcomes in child welfare

Keeping a child safe while also trying to strengthen their family is high-stakes work. Here’s how data can lead to better, more informed decisions.

From self-funded business to millions in revenue

The journey from being self-funded to becoming a profitable business is long. Discover the five steps leaders can take to start off on the right foot.

The future belongs to digitally savvy clinicians

Clinicians carry a heavy weight putting patients at the center of everything they do. Find out how new digital technologies can help ease that burden.

Going public about phasing out private networks

In today’s business landscape—where IT must innovate at speed and scale—is your private network keeping up? If not, it’s time to consider the cloud.

Digitally transforming the justice system

From data-driven decision-making to providing access to critical support, the evolution of the justice system is already underway. Learn more.

Passwordless: The juice is well worth the squeeze

Ditch the litany of multiple passwords. From one-time password generators to biometric scans, the new mantra is “No password. No problem.”

As values shift, is your purpose on solid ground?

Consumer expectations are rapidly shifting. Here’s how your company can’t outpace constant change by fully embracing its purpose.

Follow the indicators of compromise breadcrumbs

A simple phish is all it takes to hack an email system. Fortunately, by following the right breadcrumbs, IT teams can leave hackers floundering.

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My story: Why I don’t do things by the book

Sometimes, it pays to have your head in the clouds—especially when it leads to game-changing innovations. Learn more from Luke and his leading team.

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