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Public sector health

Sustainable programs. Healthier communities.

COVID-19 solutions

Support COVID-19 contact tracing and vaccine management using Accenture’s platform and approach, proven at both speed and scale.

Applied Intelligence

Amplify performance, create lasting value and address health equity with Accenture’s market-leading data, analytics and cloud tools.

Intelligent Third Party Liability (TPL) Platform

Maximize Medicaid cost savings and recoveries with Accenture's flexible and transparent data-driven platform.

Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES)

Unlock the potential of new systems and advanced technologies to deliver outcomes-oriented transformation aligned with your Medicaid program goals.

Accenture behavioral health solution 

Leverage 988 mandate and transform mental health

COVID-19 solutions

Applied Intelligence

We partner with public sector health organizations to realize opportunities affordably and efficiently - improving operational performance, delivering outcomes and transforming experiences for all stakeholders.

Intelligent Third Party Liability (TPL) Platform


Accenture Vaccine Management Solution

Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES)

What we think

Health equity under the microscope

Discover how equity-focused analytics can help understand and solve racial disparities.

Addressing the crisis and preparing for its impact

Accenture outlines the human, economic, and business impact of the war in Ukraine and guides organizations on how to adapt.

Unravel the social factors: Person-centered health

Person-centered health combines experience design and advanced analytics to help create deeper insights into social determinants of health.

Case studies

"Stopp corona" app

The Austrian Red Cross developed one of the first digitized COVID-19 contact tracing solutions in Europe.

Using big data to save little lives

The State of Ohio is harnessing Big Data to better understand and address factors affecting infant mortality.

Scaling contact tracing to keep employees safe

NASA deployed a unified application for COVID contract tracing, enabling thousands to return to work safely.

Hear from our experts

Our leaders

Kristin Thorn

Managing Director - Health & Public Service, Public Health

Denise Poley

Third-Party Liability Offering Lead, Accenture

Joseph Fiorentino

Managing Director – Applied Intelligence, Public Service, North America

Transform public sector health