We help banks challenge their conventions; capitalize on the full potential of technology, their people and emerging opportunities; and become better at change.

It’s time for banks to challenge everything

The banking industry has been fragmenting and de-layering for some time now, as challenger banks and bigtechs chip away at the value chain. While this neo-normal has created some opportunities for collaboration, it has also presented banks with a stark choice: commit to continuous technological innovation or risk yielding competitive advantage.

Yet this isn’t just about digital transformation. With share and revenue leaking out of the banking sector to other industries—especially to bigtech—we believe the time has come for banks to challenge their long-established conventions and beliefs. To sustain their relevance, they need to truly understand their markets and what it takes to succeed in each of them. They’ll have to be willing to shape new business models, partner in unconventional ways, rediscover their purpose and humanity, and commit to constant innovation.

Accenture is here to help—not as a vendor, but as a strategic partner. Sharing the risks and rewards, bringing technological expertise, a global perspective and the ability to deliver. Enabling flexible architecture in the cloud, with market-leading tools and solutions. Using technology to find value in your data, in order to create amazing customer experiences. Putting our reputation on the line, right next to yours—and delivering on our promise of technology and human ingenuity.

Banking is at a tipping point

Global banking industry outlook

As digital disruption continues to reshape the industry, we look at what’s in store for the future of banking.

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Global Payments Research

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Our unique insights, unmatched partner ecosystem and trusted tools and assets ensure that you get the maximum benefit from all that technology has to offer—in the cloud, in ESG, in data and game-changing experiences, and everything in between.


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The ultimate guide to banking in the metaverse

Banks in the metaverse will benefit from a host of new opportunities—payments, reimagining transactions for a 3D world, engaging with employees, attracting talent and discovering more human ways to connect and engage online with their customers.


Banking blog

See what our bloggers are saying about the forces driving change in the banking industry.


The ultimate guide to banking in the metaverse

Read Accenture’s ultimate guide to banking in the metaverse and learn how banks can benefit from a host of new digital banking opportunities.

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European banks should put business needs at the top of their cloud agendas, says Fabrice Asvazadourian in his fifth blog post on trends in banking.

How microservices could be your fast path to growth

Cameron Krueger recommends auto and equipment financiers apply microservices to jumpstart their core modernization and cloud migration efforts.

Case studies

The Monetary Authority of Singapore and Accenture established the Veritas industry consortium to provide groundbreaking guidelines for Responsible AI.

Large Retail and Commercial Bank counts on Adobe to deliver best-in-class digital experiences.

Argentina-based start-up Agrotoken converts soybean crops to a commodity-backed stablecoin.

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Accenture and Women in Payments

Be inspired by women making waves in payments

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We provide industry-leading services to help our banking clients and have been recognized by independent research organizations for our innovative solutions.


Explore Accenture research, partnerships and activities making headlines in the banking industry.

Accenture research finds Four in Five Banks Planning to or already migrating Mainframes to the Cloud are doing so quickly

Mainframe migration is an important digital transformation step, but tackling talent retention and operational complexity will be key.

Accenture named a Leader for Finastra IT Services by Everest Group

Accenture has been recognized as a Leader for Finastra IT services in a new report by industry analyst firm Everest Group.

Accenture named a Leader in Platform IT Services for both Banking and Capital Markets by Everest Group

Accenture has been named a Leader in platform IT services for banking and capital markets by Everest Group.

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