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At Accenture, we have reinvented our approach to child welfare. Where before we improved processes, now we focus on the larger task of leveraging better outcomes for vulnerable families and their children. We do this by placing families in the center of our work. Through this lens, we approach our work with agencies in the following ways:

  • Accelerating learning for front-line staff
  • Empowering the workforce as they manage cases, and
  • Thinking strategically with agencies about the choices they face in managing child welfare.
Empowering the workforce. Accelerating Learning. Thinking Strategically

Taking on racial bias in child welfare

Imprint’s webinar, with Molly Tierney, Accenture. Watch now.

How might we keep more children safe at home with their own families, reduce the number of children in foster care and reduce the length of stay for those that need to temporarily enter foster care?

Child services by the numbers


Children in foster care in the United States


Children in congregate care in the United States


Reports of abuse and neglect every year


Number of children who die of abuse and neglect every day

Child welfare blogs

Hear from our experts and get their insights on the most pressing issues facing child welfare.

A child welfare tsunami is coming. Forecast it.

Molly Tierney challenges child welfare leaders to lean into facts, not fear as they plan for skyrocketing caseloads.

Foster care: right kids in, wrong kids out

How can we reduce the number of kids in foster care without putting them at risk? Molly Tierney explains.

Child welfare: stability starts with the workforce

Kristina Stevens challenges child welfare organizations to aim for two types of stability: placement AND workforce.

Child Welfare capabilities

Let’s put families and children at the center of Child Welfare services. Let’s empower agencies and caseworkers with breakthrough innovations to strengthen and inform their decisions to drive better outcomes. Let’s make a real difference—together.

A truly empowered case management experience that is Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) enabled and insights focused.

A virtual reality training experience to completely transform how caseworkers hone data-gathering and decision-making skills.

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What we think

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CompTIA blog by Kristina Stevens, Accenture

Child welfare: Lessons learned from COVID-19
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