Reinvent child welfare for the modern age

Accenture leverages data and leading-edge technology to arm child welfare leaders and frontline caseworkers with the robust information they need to make decisions. We offer evidence-based supports for child welfare professionals and organizations navigating complex change—from new practice models to greater collaboration across agencies and community organizations. Above all, we aim for bold, rapid-cycle change because we know kids can’t wait and families are worth it.

Winner VR Awards - VR Social impact award 2021

Winner of 2021 VR Social Impact Award

AVEnueS – Race equity in child welfare

Accenture’s impact in child welfare


Accenture’s child welfare footprint spans 12 states.


of children in foster care in the United States are touched by an Accenture child welfare solution.


of abused or neglected children in the United States are supported by an Accenture child welfare solution.

Rapid-cycle change in child welfare

Our approach starts at the end: the results that agencies are working to achieve. More proactive support for families. Fewer children in congregate or foster care and more children safely at home. Reduction and then elimination of the racial disproportionality that has plagued the system for decades.

To achieve those results, we help assess current culture, operations and technology. We identify opportunities for change and clarify required actions. And we offer innovative technologies we’ve designed with and for caseworkers, supervisors and other stakeholders throughout the child welfare ecosystem.

Collaborating for results

Here are some examples of work underway with agencies across the United States.

Operational assessment and change management

Assessing current operations and structure and then recommending and helping implement new organizational model

Diversity, equity and inclusion support

Using the Accenture Virtual Experience Solution (AVEnueS) to heighten awareness and nurture meaningful discussion

CCWIS implementation

Using ACIS as the foundation for designing, developing and implementing a state’s new CCWIS

Onboarding training

Implementing Accenture Future Talent Platform learning experience system to help standardize caseworker onboarding and training

Creating strategic roadmap

Helping translate a new practice model into on-the-ground organizational change, leading to better outcomes

Communications training

Helping to upskill caseworkers as they quickly pivoted to virtual communications during COVID-19 shutdowns

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Child welfare tools

Child welfare leaders need access to robust tools and comprehensive, real-time data. These insights help inform decisions—from evaluating program effectiveness to hiring and training caseworkers to making better in-the-moment choices about how best to support families and their children.

A truly empowered case management experience that is Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS) enabled and insights focused.

A virtual reality training experience to completely transform how caseworkers hone data-gathering and decision-making skills.

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Strategy and consulting

While some challenges cross organizations and jurisdictions, each agency is unique. Instead of offering a single playbook, Accenture tailors every engagement to an organization’s distinct goals, obstacles and opportunities.

Whether helping develop, improve and implement strategies, assisting in designing and operationalizing organizational models, or supporting leadership development or change management, we take a nuanced approach that reflects each agency’s situation and priorities.

Let’s work together to drive bold, rapid-cycle change in child welfare.


Hear from our experts and get their insights on the most pressing issues facing child welfare.

Trauma-informed care: What can Alayna teach us?

Use virtual reality to train caseworkers in trauma-informed care and adolescent mental health.

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As states work to replace SACWIS with CCWIS, Molly Tierney urges a focus on big-picture thinking.

Who’s leading the way in race equity?

Molly Tierney discusses her observation regarding race equity during the 2021 ISM Annual Conference.

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Leadership stability is vital in child welfare for a safe and stable environment.

What we think

Collaboration with Fostering Media Connections

Fostering Media Connections (FMC) is the nonprofit publisher of The Imprint, a national online publication that covers child welfare, juvenile justice and other youth and family services, and Fostering Families Today, a bimonthly magazine for foster and kinship caregivers around the country.

With readership spanning agency leaders, legislators and advocates, The Imprint serves as the “publication of record” for the field of youth services.

Accenture regularly partners with Fostering Media Connections on video and audio projects that help further elevate discussion of critical issues in the field of child welfare. Our collaboration includes webinars and podcasts featuring Accenture's child welfare team and other thought leaders.

Healers in The System

Taking on Racial Bias in Child Welfare

Reform is the Destination. Tech is the Road.

Big questions for child welfare

Daniel Heimpel is founder of Fostering Media Connections and publisher of The Imprint. Molly Tierney is the child welfare lead at Accenture and former child welfare director for the City of Baltimore.

Listen in as they discuss racial bias, child welfare’s place in the Biden Agenda, and growing opportunities to move upstream to keep families together.


Racial bias and caseworker training


How Do We Get Upstream?


Foster Care, Einstein, and Insanity

Our leaders