Designed for children. Driven by outcomes.

We help Child Welfare agencies shift to coordinated, human centered, outcome-based service delivery, where children and families are at the center of services being provided.

  • Think strategically and design processes that succeed. We help identify management choices that lead to better results, create turnkey solutions to intractable problems and build organizational capacity to drive better outcomes for kids and families.
  • Empower the workforce by accelerating learning. Accenture has pioneered a method that uses immersive learning technology to accelerate caseworker development and increase the likelihood that decisions made on the front line keep children safe.
  • Drive outcomes for families by creating a CCWIS that meets tomorrow’s needs. Caseworkers need systems that put information at their fingertips when they are working with a family. Agencies need systems that position them to move on the schedule a child needs and to see trends that could drive more effective decision making.
Everything we do in child services—every solution we offer, every idea we invest in—is geared to better outcomes for children and their families.

Child services by the numbers


Children in foster care in the United States


Children in congregate care in the United States


Reports of abuse and neglect every year


Number of children who die of abuse and neglect every day

What if we were able to keep more children safe at home with their own families, reduce the number of children in foster care and reduce the length of stay for those that need to temporarily enter foster care?

Child Welfare capabilities

Let’s put families and children at the center of Child Welfare services. Let’s empower agencies and caseworkers with breakthrough innovations to strengthen and inform their decisions to drive better outcomes. Let’s make a real difference—together.

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