Coordinated service delivery to transform outcomes

The Accenture Human Services Suite provides coordinated service delivery by enabling citizens, providers, collaborating agencies and organizations to more easily interact across human services agencies.

Improve customer satisfaction through streamlined case management so that workers can focus on more complex tasks and customer service.

Reduce costs using modernized workflows, easy-to-maintain rules, automated processes, lower error rates, and multi-program support.

Transform lives using an outcome-based model rather than just determining eligibility for a program to provide the right services for sustaining outcomes.

Look at how the Oklahoma Department of Human Services is utilizing the Accenture Human Services suite to realize their vision to improve outcomes.

Accenture Human Services Suite capabilities

Accenture Public Service Platform (APSP)

Accelerates implementation with a development platform, flexible APIs, and pre-built adapters. Learn more.

Accenture Citizen Self-Service Portal (ACSSP)

A secure, public-facing online portal that allows citizens and case workers to collaborate. Learn more.

Accenture Benefit Management System (ABMS)

An integrated and flexible solution for public assistance and social welfare programs, designed to help agencies streamline case management. Learn more.

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What we think

Early adopters of AVEnueS are uncovering innovative use cases, including optimizing training, vetting candidates and challenging seasoned workers.

Accenture explores the possibilities of making human services programs and systems are coordinated for better family support and outcomes.

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