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Accenture Human Services Suite

Empowering government agencies to move beyond a transactional, compliance-based model to a transformative human services delivery approach.

Coordinated service delivery to transform outcomes

Hidden workers: Uncovering untapped talent

As public service agencies face challenges attracting talent, there's a pool of potential workers being overlooked, called "Hidden Workers".

Accenture Human Services Suite capabilities

Accenture Public Service Platform (APSP)

Accelerates implementation with a development platform, flexible APIs, and pre-built adapters. Learn more.

Accenture Citizen Self-Service Portal (ACSSP)

A secure, public-facing online portal that allows citizens and case workers to collaborate. Learn more.

Accenture Benefit Management System (ABMS)

An integrated and flexible solution for public assistance and social welfare programs, designed to help agencies streamline case management. Learn more.

Integrated eligibility

Address priorities with tailored solutions

What we think

Health equity under the microscope

Discover how equity-focused analytics can help understand and solve racial disparities. Accenture’s Public Health team explores what’s possible.

Building capacity for change in child welfare

In child welfare, we need the collective ability to bring empathy, demonstrate compassion and deliver support to all families and children.

Our leaders

Kristin Smith

Senior Manager – Technology, Health & Public Service, Product Management

Erik Moore

Managing Director – Technology, Cloud, Products and Platforms

Heidi Reed

Managing Director - Health & Public Service, Integrated Eligibility

Ryan Oakes

Global Health & Public Service Industry Practices Chair