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Amplify digital value in the wake of COVID-19

This year’s Accenture Digital Health Technology Vision highlights five trends that emerged before the global crises and that the pandemic accelerated. These trends are shaping the near future for healthcare organizations: The I in Experience, AI and Me, The Dilemma of Smart Things, Robots in the Wild and Innovation DNA.

Throughout these trends, you will see that to unleash innovation in the new future of healthcare, emerging business and care models must be rooted in collaboration. As technology’s level of impact grows ever higher throughout society, successful organizations will be those that use new models to invite people—patients, employees, partners or the public— to co-create their new course for the future.

Accenture Digital Health Technology Vision 2020

Accenture's Digital Health Technology Vision 2020 details 5 digital health trends COVID-19 has amplified shaping the future of healthcare organizations.

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From digital health to the Internet of Health Things, our experts weigh in on the latest health research and trends to help healthcare organizations deliver better patient engagement and more effective, affordable and efficient healthcare.

Health innovation: A cure for COVID-19 disruptions

Forward-thinking health players are using near-term innovations to redefine their business and operating models for COVID-19 and beyond.

Why all healthcare leaders must talk cloud

The fabric of cloud should be a business dialogue in our modern health systems of the future, not a pure IT play.

Behavioral health is the next curve to flatten

To truly flatten the curve on the behavioral health crisis, we must improve access and engage populations through virtual health channels.

Redefine strategy elements in the wake of COVID-19

With the onset of COVID-19, what was once considered the “norm” of combining both physical and digital health consumer touchpoints has rapidly shifted to primarily digital in social and health interactions at every stage. Alongside the social distancing requirements are the emotional reactions and responses that still have to address expectations for seamless consumer experience. Consumers are responding to health concerns for different reasons and factors. Health providers and payers are evolving their products and services to keep pace with consumer changes.

Linda MacCracken, Clinical Innovation Consumer Lead, Accenture, Casey Rucins, Digital Health Lead, Fjord, and Martha Cotton, North American Research Lead, Fjord, discuss Redefining New Marketing and Strategy Elements in the Wake of COVID-19 in this American Hospital Association Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) webinar.

Case studies

Dr. Charles Bruce, medical director of the Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange, shares his perspective on innovation.

Equipping Australia with a coronavirus-dedicated mental wellbeing support service.

Migrating Human Capital Management capabilities to an Oracle Cloud HCM solution.

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We provide industry-leading services and solutions to help our clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare. Discover how our awards distinguish us as an industry leader.

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Our research reveals latent demand for virtual health, which could expand treatment to millions.

The Accenture Future Systems report confirms that having a clear data strategy that includes cloud is crucial.

This Accenture-AHIP webinar recording explores the gap between payer intentions and consumer experiences.

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Leaders can make recent digital health gains last

The global pandemic greatly accelerated the adoption of digital healthcare—but will it persist? The Accenture 2020 digital health consumer research showed the rapid rise of digital health had stalled. Now, COVID-19 may serve to resume the growth.

With most in-person care visits on hold, use of virtual care services exploded during the crisis. Nearly overnight, digital healthcare was infused into the clinical workday as patients and providers alike were forced to become fast adopters.

As in-person care resumes, providers, payers and consumers can seize the opportunity to maintain the momentum created by forced adoption and address the pre-crisis issues that have previously inhibited digital health adoption.

Digital Health Consumer Survey 2020

The global pandemic greatly accelerated the adoption of virtual health, but will it persist? There is still work to be done.

Discover the latest news, announcements and research from our health practice.

Accenture launches vaccine management solution to support COVID-19 immunization programs

Accenture announced a vaccine management solution to help government and healthcare organizations rapidly plan and develop COVID-19 vaccination programs.

Healthcare organizations must transform digital experiences to lead the future of care, finds research from Accenture

Healthcare organizations need to become more collaborative in creating new digital healthcare experiences to help customers feel important and informed.

Virtual delivery channels could expand treatment to approximately 53M Americans suffering from behavioral health issues

The use of virtual delivery channels could expand treatment to Americans suffering from behavioral health issues, according to a new report from Accenture.

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