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"I feel accountable for the experiences our people have. Inclusion is about enabling everyone to be their authentic selves and fully contribute as valued team members. When we do that, it has a powerful compounding effect. It creates a diverse and equitable environment where every person feels like they belong; every day, and it inspires our people to be their best—at work, at home and in their communities."

Jimmy Etheredge
CEO - North America

Accenture's 2021 U.S. workforce demographics

Striving together to make equality the reality

In 2016, Accenture made what I think was one of our best moves. We showed how serious we are about equality by becoming the first professional services company to publish our U.S. workforce demographic data—by gender, race and ethnicity, persons with disabilities and veterans—and have done so every year since.

This level of transparency holds us accountable year over year. We treat inclusion and diversity like every other business priority, which means we set goals, we have an execution plan, we have accountable leaders, we collect data, and we measure. In 2020, we publicly stated specific, and ambitious, goals to increase the number of African American and Black, and Hispanic American and Latinx people in our workforce and our leadership team.

Momentum to build on

At the end of 2021, we took transparency to a new level. Anyone can go to our 360-degree Value Reporting Experience to see how we achieve value and measure our success across multiple dimensions, including inclusion and diversity, talent, and sustainability, not simply our financial results. We’re shining a lot of light on how far we’ve come and where we need to focus.

I’m pleased to share this year’s workforce demographics report. For me, it shows plenty of signs that reimagining our approach to recruiting, hiring, training, promoting and retaining is working. I also see opportunities to turn our momentum toward areas where we must continue to improve. And here’s a trend that makes me optimistic: More people from diverse communities are choosing to work at Accenture and more are becoming vital voices on our leadership team. Today, 60 percent of our board of directors is racially and ethnically diverse; 50 percent are women. All of our board members, everyone, are true champions of diversity, equity and inclusion.

But representation at all levels of our workforce matters. We set a new goal for the fiscal year 2022: filling 20 percent of our entry-level roles in the U.S. with people from our earn-and-learn Apprenticeship Program, creating a pipeline of talented people from diverse communities. Now, over 60 percent of our candidates are ethnically diverse. One in three are female. And one in four are military veterans and spouses.

Charting our progress

Since we began reporting our data, we've made great strides, including:
  • Improving the representation of African American and Black people by 3.9 percentage points overall and 1.5 among executives, and the representation of Hispanic American and Latinx people by 4.3 percentage points overall and 2.1 among executives.
  • Increasing the number of Asian American and Asian executives by 3.5 percentage points, despite a decline in representation overall by -7.6 percentage points.
  • Growing the number of women by 5 percentage points overall and 2.7 percentage points among executives. Additionally, growing the number of multicultural women to 20.5%, up from 15.6%.
  • Giving people an opportunity to voluntarily self-identify as LGBTQ, gender non-binary, people with disabilities and being a part of veteran populations so we can more accurately reflect and effectively support these communities.
    • The number of people who self-identify as persons with disabilities grew by three percentage points and now represents 5.9% of our workforce.
    • The number of people self-identifying as LGBTQ represents 2.0% of our workforce today.
    • The number of military veterans, service members and spouses currently makes up 6.7% of our workforce.

Cultivating a culture of equality

Diversity, equity and inclusion make Accenture —a better place to work and a better partner to our clients and communities. Our progress has a compounding effect, and it’s helping us create an environment that is rich in diverse experiences and unique perspectives.

Jimmy Etheredge

CEO - North America

"Cultivating an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive and achieve their goals is part of our shared commitment to accelerating equality. When we lead with compassion and put people first, it creates the ideal conditions for human ingenuity to thrive, and lasting impact where we live and work."

Yolanda Friend
North America Inclusion & Diversity Lead

  • Data as of December 31, 2021 (unless otherwise noted) and includes Accenture and Accenture Federal Services subsidiaries except Avanade, one of Accenture's consolidated entities. 2021 data also excludes Puerto Rico headcount.
  • The inclusion of undisclosed data in 2021 reflects those employees who chose not to disclose their data in our self-ID process for gender and/or for race and ethnicity.
  • Numbers may not add up due to rounding.
  • Our 2021 EEO-1 Statement is prepared in accordance with the U.S. government requirements. Because the categories the U.S. government uses to identify job functions differ from our management structure and our reporting timelines, we encourage you to refer to our U.S. workforce demographics for insights into our employee base.
  • We believe that government laws and regulations as well as business practices should uphold the principles of equality and strive to ensure that no one is discriminated against because of their characteristics, such as age, ability, race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity or expression, religion or sexual orientation. We make selections based only on an individual's demonstrated contributions, capabilities and their potential to grow and develop. While laws may vary in the countries where we operate, we go beyond legal requirements and remain committed to a fair, equitable and inclusive workplace.
Native American Land Acknowledgment:
Accenture has offices across these United States, located on lands where Native American Tribes once flourished, and that many still inhabit. Accenture promotes a culture of equality to ensure all our people feel they belong and can advance and thrive. Land acknowledgement statements are important to the Native American and Alaska Native people at Accenture and in our communities to acknowledge the rich history and culture of Indigenous people. Accenture hopes that by raising awareness and acknowledging the history behind this land, we can help preserve the heritage, enable the future, and support the prosperity of this population.
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