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Built for Chang‪e‬

Today’s global challenges have forced radical changes in business, technology and human behavior, but also created incredible new opportunities for leaders to evolve and ultimately excel.

Hear compelling conversations with industry thought leaders, client partners, external luminaries and many more who’ve embraced change to drive real value.

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As leaders, we need to think about this idea of shared success among our people and our communities and our companies. And I have great hope that that is what this decade will be.

Julie Sweet

Chief Executive Officer on CSIS’s “The Reopening”

Key topics

The latest episodes from our series on cloud, platforms and more.

AI leaders podcast

Listen to the latest episode with Pallab Deb, Head of Partner Solutions & AI Partnerships at Google Cloud, about the acceleration of AI, analytics and data with the journey to cloud.

On the Platform: Trust in a post-COVID world (Part 1)

Listen to the latest episode to find out why trust is a non-negotiable factor for platform businesses.

Walk in the cloud

Listen to the latest episode and learn how Chief Marketing Officers can embrace the cloud to achieve more with less and drive customer obsession.

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Industry focus

Deep-dive discussions that illuminate the most important industry trends and more.

Driving digital in biopharma

Listen to the latest episode about the building blocks and historic obstacles to a successful digital transformation in biopharma.

Aviation week's check 6 podcast

Listen to the latest episode on how the industry is responding to the COVID-19 implications and what A&D leaders think will happen in the coming months and years.

Embark: Travel, Tech and Trust

Listen to the latest episode and learn about the state of the industry and why the race to Cloud is crucial to survive.

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Global perspectives

Inspiring conversations our experts are having around the world.

The new insiders

Discover the most pressing topics of our time by listening to global leaders and local heroes from the Netherlands.

Points of change

Discover how Poland approaches topics like Innovation Mindsets and New Working Model as well as Cybersecurity and Applied Intelligence.

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