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Built for Chang‪e‬

Today’s global challenges have forced radical changes in business, technology and human behavior, but also created incredible new opportunities for leaders to evolve and ultimately excel.

In the latest episode of the award-winning series Built for Change, hear about the tremendous potential offered by the technologies behind AI-generated deepfakes.

Key topics

The latest episodes from our series on artificial intelligence, cloud and more.

AI Leaders

Listen as Teresa Tung talks about the three main types of metadata and the unique role each plays.

Walk in the Cloud

Tune in for no-nonsense views from seasoned experts on how to power business transformation through cloud.

Built for Change

Listen in as we explore one of today’s biggest topics—the metaverse—with Annette Rippert, Group Chief Executive – Strategy & Consulting, and Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow, Microsoft.

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Industry focus

Deep-dive discussions that illuminate the most important industry trends.

Driving Digital in Biopharma

Listen to the latest episode about the building blocks and historic obstacles to a successful digital transformation in biopharma.

Retail's Responsible Reset

Hear our hosts discuss insights with special industry guests on the forever-changing retail market.

Embark: Travel, Tech and Trust

Tune in as experts share how to reinvigorate traveler confidence, build resilience and innovate in the new era.

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Global perspectives

Inspiring conversations our leaders are having around the world.

Work that Matters

Leaders from across the UK public sector are embracing change. In this series, we hear their stories of transformation.

Hear and Beyond

Australia’s most prominent CEOs discuss how the nation can emerge, transform and accelerate beyond the pandemic.

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