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Cloud insights

Cloud is today’s urgent business imperative

Unleash competitiveness with the Cloud Continuum

What’s beyond cloud migration? Our new report reveals four key tenets Continuum Competitors share to unleash competitiveness on the cloud.

Cloud migration

Transform your data foundation on cloud

Data on cloud gains scale, agility, and the power to drive reinvention. Modernize your data foundation, so you can innovate and your...

Cloud migration is a must: How to get it right

Cloud value is an essential requirement for digital transformation. Learn how to migrate the right way and increase cloud value.

Cloud management optimization

Managing and optimizing your cloud estate

Managing your cloud estate requires a new IT paradigm—one in which operating models become more dynamic.

Tips for getting multi-cloud orchestration right

Most organizations feel that they’re not yet achieving the full value of their cloud investments.

Cloud transformation

Sky high hopes: Navigating the barriers to maximizing cloud value

Accenture surveyed companies to determine how far they are advancing in terms of the business value achieved from cloud initiatives. Find out more.

Cloud is the urgent business imperative: how to maximize its value

Today, more than ever, companies need to operate and compete at an unprecedented speed and scale as industries are reshaping beneath them.

Blue-sky thinking: How cloud can accelerate growth

Cloud is more than simply cheaper IT. It’s also the primary enabler of business reinvention and innovation.

Industry perspectives

Volume 4: The great cloud mainframe migration—what banks need to know

After years of saying it's sure to happen, mainframe migration is finally here.

Volume 3: Is your bank's culture limiting the value of cloud?

Cultural modernization is key to getting leaders and their workforce on the same page.

Structural separation of network infrastructure

Explore how network separation can realize incremental value for CSPs looking to invest in long-term growth...

Maximizing the value of cloud in life sciences

Our survey discovered four critical areas for life sciences companies to address when implementing cloud...

Soar to the cloud for growth in CPG

Most CPG companies have only partly migrated to the cloud. They have reduced IT spend, but they are...

The cloud imperative for the energy industry

Energy companies are well-positioned to take advantage of cloud. With the perpetual volatility and disruption...

The cloud imperative for the banking industry

Banks have been migrating incrementally, and today the average bank has 58 percent of its workloads...

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Cloud services

Move to the cloud with the people who know how.

Cloud migration

Migration to cloud is vital for companies looking to achieve digital transformation and exploit growth opportunities while...

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