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Health and Human Services

Health and human services organizations fulfill a vital mission: addressing the needs of children, families and communities. Our mission is to support these organizations in their pursuit of better outcomes.

Areas of focus


Child welfare

Our team offers rapid-cycle consulting solutions and innovative tech for case management and caseworker recruiting and training.


Health and Human Services

Fresh thinking and innovative solutions to support better outcomes for families and communities.


Public sector health

We help public sector health deliver on the promise of modernization, transform service delivery and improve health equity.


Integrated eligibility

Explore how Accenture can help build, enhance and/or manage state integrated eligibility systems.


Case studies

Caseworker training reimagined

San Diego County reimagined caseworker training with virtual reality.

Meet "AVA": The State of Tennessee's virtual agent

Tennessee deploy an AI-powered chatbot to provide family assistance and improved citizen experience.

Using analytics to improve family outcomes

A pilot by the Michigan Office of Child Support shows how analytics help shape better outcomes.

What we think

Health equity under the microscope

Discover how equity-focused analytics can help understand and solve racial disparities. Explore what’s possible.

Building capacity for change in child welfare

In child welfare, we need the collective ability to bring empathy, demonstrate compassion and deliver support to all families and...

Succeeding differently in child welfare

Fairfax County Department of Family Services keeps change on track with collaborative change.


Accenture Virtual Experience Solution

AVEnueS is a VR training experience that makes the unknown familiar in human services.

Public sector health analytics

Bring together everything you need to unlock the value of data using advanced analytical tools.

Accenture Case Insight Solution

ACIS takes the guesswork out of casework and empowers caseworkers to make better decisions.

Integrated eligibility

Streamline case management so workers can focus on more complex tasks and customer service.

Rapid-cycle child welfare solutions

Families and kids can’t wait. We focus on rapid improvements today while you help build a better tomorrow.

Our leaders

Molly Tierney

Managing Director – Public Service, Child Welfare, North America

Kristin Thorn

Managing Director - Health & Public Service, Public Health

Heidi Reed

Managing Director - Health & Public Service, Integrated Eligibility

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