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The future of utilities is digital. Discover how we're helping electricity, gas and water companies enable transformation for value and new growth.

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Utilities Tech Trends 2022

The Metaverse Continuum

Taking charge of the evolving energy transition

As we approach net zero, utilities and energy service providers are moving from backstage to take on a central role in the era of electricity.

This shift means embracing change and weaving digital and sustainability into an organization’s DNA to reinvent the business, while forging new alliances and collaborating across industries to meet the changing demands of citizens, employees, investors and legislators.

As a leading provider of consulting, digital transformation and managed services to electric, gas and water utilities globally, we empower our clients to create sustainable businesses capable of meeting those expectations.

Together with our ecosystem of partners, our industry specialists help our clients to identify cost saving opportunities and securely shift operations while safely delivering sustainable, stable energy experiences.

Across the value chain, we help Utilities to take charge of the energy transition and drive positive change for their business, society, and the planet.


New energy consumer: Transition on demand

Our latest New Energy Consumer research draws on the opinions of 500 energy providers across 14 countries. This year we explore what energy companies think the future holds for their industry and how are they building the muscle, speed, and agility they need to survive and thrive in a demand-driven world.

Energy providers are at the heart of delivering the energy transition, and their strategic landscape is being transformed as the global effort to reach net-zero gathers pace. At the same time, they are facing a second era-defining dynamic: digital transformation is disrupting markets across the economy, destroying old business models as it creates new ones, and reshaping consumer expectations. Can energy providers survive this period of tumultuous change?

We identified five key areas energy providers need to consider as they strive to become more demand-driven: Purpose, products, platforms, people and partnerships. Learn more.

Our latest research explores what energy companies think the future holds for their industry and how they can thrive in a demand-driven world.

Industry segments we serve

Across utilities, we’re helping transform companies to continuously adapt and improve outcomes through innovation.

Transmission and distribution

Transform power networks for improved asset performance reduced costs and realized value.

Energy retail and customer experience

Create new customer experiences, revenue streams and ecosystems for the retail business.

Power generation

Uncover a future of innovation for conventional power generation.

Renewable power

Innovative business solutions for renewables companies to generate new value and greater performance.

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In the spotlight

Powering distribution for the energy transition

Distribution businesses are facing looming disruption as the energy transition progresses. In fact, most distribution executives are already seeing some level of disruption in at least one area of their business operations. What is needed: New approaches and new roles toward a more data-driven, intelligent distribution system with advanced visibility and control at the core.

In the latest edition of our Digitally Enabled Grid research, we explore the tipping points for disruption, outline four areas for delivering this new distribution system and examine the actions needed—now and within the next decade, to lead the charge for change toward a net-zero future.


Accelerating the energy transition

Progressive utilities are adopting a new power model that’s decarbonized, decentralized and digitized, putting people at the heart of their strategy.

Energy transition services for utilities

Accelerating the energy transition toward a net-zero emission future. Read more.

Industrial clusters critical to achieving net-zero

In collaboration with the World Economic Forum, we explored the critical role of industrial clusters in accelerating the path to net zero. Read more.

Embrace new connected energy business models

New connected energy business models hold great potential for energy companies to find fresh growth. Explore how here.

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Utilities insights from our blog

Our utility consultants weigh in on the insights and trends shaping utilities across the entire value chain.

How can energy retailers thrive in a demand-driven world?

Utility CCOs know thriving in the energy transition means putting customers at the heart of their strategy. Three drivers for success.

Data Governance: The key to Grid Modernization

Without implementing robust Data Governance, a Utility cannot move towards successful Grid Modernization.

For EVolution, think on your fleet

eMobility is essential to the energy transition. Accenture shares why fleet decarbonisation is the first and more dominant wave of electrification.

What we think

Accenture outlines why it is critically important to secure the connected energy ecosystem as utilities becomes increasingly connected and digitized.

Explore how European electricity retailers have pledged to empower their customers – and what is needed for wider consumer participation.

Accenture sees intelligent operations as the fast-track to becoming a future-ready utility.

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Case studies

Accenture worked with Gasunie to define a digital strategy that will create a robust foundation.

Industry X powers urban heating with efficiency and sustainability.

Accenture helped Thames Water to drive a step-change in its operational efficiency with a Salesforce-driven workforce management solution.

EDF deployed SAP Central Finance to streamline financial processes, enable integrations, modernize capabilities and enhance closing process agility.

PSE is delivering next-level customer experience through improved self-service capabilities, automated workforce management and data and analytics.

Alliander launched a new GIS that is fostering innovation, driving safer gas and electricity network management and contributing to sustainability.

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Our leaders


Accenture uses artificial intelligence-driven database to help reduce electricity rates for colonial pipeline

Accenture is using insights generated by Utility Tracking System (UTS) to evaluate power bills for operations.

HFS ranks Accenture the no.1 utilities services provider

A dedicated sustainability services practice, with deep energy transition and decarbonization capabilities, was key to the high marks.

World Economic Forum, Accenture and EPRI launch initiative to accelerate transition of industrial clusters towards net zero

This new initiative, launched at COP26, aims to create a global movement to speed transformation of industrial clusters needed for net-zero emissions.