Accenture Health Insights Platform

Accelerate your public sector health analytics journey.

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Share data across agencies.

Generate actionable insights quickly.

Gain a 360-degree view of people and programs.

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Better health outcomes

The Accenture Health Insights Platform is a robust data analytics platform that helps state Medicaid, public health and other agencies harness the power of data to rapidly generate insights and accelerate decision making. The platform empowers states to share data across agencies—enabling the more comprehensive view that’s essential to meeting today’s complex goals.

Better health outcomes for people and communities. Improved program effectiveness. Greater operational efficiencies. All start with a broader, more accurate view of populations, public health programs and the supporting health ecosystem.

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Harness data to deliver outcomes that matter.

Core capabilities

The Accenture Health Insights Platform overcomes these and other obstacles— bringing together everything you need to quickly and effectively unlock the value of data using advanced analytical tools aimed at your organization:


Access pre-loaded databases and integrate a wide range of data from diverse sources, including HL7 FHIR resources.

Analyze and assess.

Analyze service delivery and utilization patterns, population health risks, program and policy effectiveness, and agency, program and MCO operations.

Generate insights.

Create intelligent visualizations using innovative modeling techniques, artificial intelligence/machine learning and predictive analytics.

Meet federal requirements.

Align with federal mandates for reporting, security and data compliance.

Continuously improve.

Identify and pursue ongoing opportunities to improve performance and outcomes.

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Accelerate business insights

The Accenture Health Insights Platform offers prebuilt accelerators that provide a significant “head start” for public sector health analytics initiatives.

Risk Adjustment

Assess patient risk to determine risk-adjusted reimbursement.

National Health Assessment

View comprehensive, actionable health and well-being assessments at state, county and community levels.

Medicaid Contract Oversight

Review and measure managed care plans for performance and contract compliance.

Arbitrary Prior Authorization Management

Assess prior authorization adjudication patterns that suggest decisions made outside of medical necessity.

Utilization Review

Review utilization of select services that drive specific outcomes to manage chronic diseases.

Network Adequacy Monitoring

Monitor network adequacy to quickly identify gaps in member access to care.

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Points of distinction

The Accenture Health Insights Platform is based on an ecosystem of market-leading data analytics, enterprise data warehouse technologies and cloud tools that optimize programmatic reporting and advanced analytics. By leveraging the cloud, this platform is the fastest and most cost-effective place to store and analyze data. It empowers users to collaborate and analyze data in innovative ways that lead to better, faster and more proactive insights into what matters most: health outcomes.

Keeping data secure and complying with federal regulations is essential. The Accenture Health Insights Platform relies on a comprehensive set of tools that go beyond standard security functionality, like encryption and access control, proactive monitoring, and unified management of security policies. This solution is offered as a Platform-as-a-Service in a high-trust, FedRAMP-compliant environment.

Accenture has curated public and de-identified member-level data sets that cover demographic characteristics, leading causes of death, population health, healthcare spending, access to healthcare, healthcare systems, social and economic environments, public health and prevention, and physical environments. The platform also ingests and distills social media, medical notes, machine data and other forms of unstructured data. The data blends social determinants of health data at scale, which is critical to generating an analytics-ready data set.

The platform also features a growing set of standard visual dashboards—including the National Health Assessment tool that allows users to explore 450+ measures of health down to the neighborhood level, including community factors such as housing affordability, lead exposure risks, racial and ethnic segregation of neighborhoods, and income inequality. Users can also examine educational attainment and school quality statistics, opioid overdose and death rates, and violent crime rates in addition to more traditional clinical information, such as rates of obesity, diabetes or hypertension. Other dashboards monitor MCO performance, operational performance, financial performance and program integrity, as well as healthcare quality and care coordination.

Working with Accenture’s industry experts, our data and analytics experts to apply their expertise to the platform’s advanced data modeling tool sets. Using machine learning and AI tools, it becomes possible to perform additional healthcare and predictive analytics.

As a Platform-as-a-Service offering, the Accenture Health Insights Platform for Government is designed to evolve as technology innovations emerge, new data sets become available and new challenges and questions demand investigation.

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