Accenture Health Insights Platform

Unlock insights to understand and solve health and human services challenges.

Barriers to effective use of analytics

Inability to integrate data from a myriad of sources.

An abundance of data but insufficient tools to derive actionable insights.

Projects that take too long to get off the ground and deliver results.

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Overcoming obstacles

The Accenture Health Insights Platform overcomes these and other obstacles— bringing together everything you need to quickly and effectively unlock the value of data using advanced analytical tools aimed at your organization:

Market-leading technologies

Ecosystem of data analytics, electronic data warehouse technologies and cloud tools optimize programmatic reporting and advanced analytics.

Security and compliance is a top priority

Get standard security functionality plus proactive monitoring and unified security policy management in a high-trust, FedRAMP-compliant environment.

Diverse data sets covering all 50 states

Tap into curated public and de-identified member-level data plus distilled social media, medical notes, machine data and other unstructured data.

Ready-made dashboards

Visual dashboards serve up insights in key areas related to social determinants of health, including 450+ measures of health.

Data science expertise for advanced data modeling

Accenture data science experts use advanced modeling toolsets to perform more sophisticated healthcare and predictive analytics.

Flexibility to add data sets and technologies

Keep pace as technology innovations emerge, new data sets become available, and new challenges and questions demand investigation.

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Insights at your fingertips

SDOH index

Uses 35+ measures to provide relative county rankings to indicate community health.

Risk index

Uses publicly available data to identify communities at higher risk of opioid addiction.

Risk adjustment

Reviews medical records and HL7 messages to inform risk-adjusted reimbursement.

National health assessment

Provides comprehensive, actionable health and wellbeing assessment at a state, county and community level.

Intelligent benefits

Performs extraction, review and evaluation of plan details and benefits.

Utilization management

Performs intake and clinical review of authorization forms for prior, post and concurrent review to recommend the medical necessity of a procedure.

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Accenture Health Insights Platform on AWS

In addition to the readily available dashboards, the analytics platform provides capabilities that allow the State to augment existing or develop new analytical models and insights to support strategic and tactical decision making beyond contact tracing to support other COVID-19 initiatives.

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