Accenture Virtual Experience Solution

The Accenture Virtual Experience Solution (AVEnueS) is a virtual reality (VR) training experience that makes the unknown familiar in human services.

Helping caseworkers see more with virtual reality

Human services workers make important decisions every day that have significant impacts on people’s lives. It is a responsibility that demands certain skills and experience in understanding human dynamics. That’s why Accenture developed a virtual reality training experience, known as the Accenture Virtual Experience Solution (AVEnueS). It not only accelerates the pace of learning, but it also enhances the scope of awareness.

AVEnueS speeds up this process, helping caseworkers refine their skills and become more alert and cognizant of the many signals and safety indicators they observe. It uses immersive storytelling and interactive voice-based scenarios to completely transform how caseworkers hone their data-gathering and decision-making skills. AVEnueS creates the foundation for a highly skilled workforce that can rapidly discuss the decision points all practiced caseworkers face.

Making the unknown familiar

Developing the skills caseworkers need typically takes years. Using AVEnueS for caseworker training is only the beginning. It offers unlimited possibilities for the entire field of human services.


AVEnueS uses virtual reality (VR) technology to transport trainees into simulated environments and engage them with realistic scenarios.


AVEnueS uses an immersive 360⁰ headset to help trainees develop observation skills to identify important decision points.


AVEnueS creates the foundation for a highly skilled workforce who can rapidly discuss the decision points all practiced caseworkers face.

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How might we accelerate the pace by which caseworkers refine their skills? How might we support them in becoming more alert and cognizant of the many signals and safety indicators they observe?

Assess ambiguity

Home environments are ambiguous and challenging to assess. AVEnueS helps caseworkers practice assessing and recognize potentially dangerous situations.

Build confidence through practice

Casework is demanding. AVEnueS can replicate environments that caseworkers might experience in the field, helping build decision-making skills.

Accelerate the pace of learning

Developing a set of experiences takes years. AVEnueS helps to increase the pace of mastery and to build decision-making skills more quickly.

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Indiana child services reduce case worker turnover

VR and cloud help improve child welfare services.

Awards and recognition

The Accenture Virtual Experience Solutions (AVEnueS) has won “Best Mobile VR or AR” at the GSMA GLOMO Awards 2019.

The GLOMOs are a testament to the incredible innovation and ingenuity shaping our industry and it is truly an outstanding achievement to have been selected by our esteemed judging panels.

Accenture is honored to have been a SXSW Interactive Innovations Awards Finalist. The SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards recognize the most exciting tech developments in the connected world.

… a polished design that prevented information from saturating the immersive display and allowing users to focus on the 360 content. The scope and function of the platform was clear and well defined.

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More information

In the Government Technology article, Virtual Reality’s Untapped Potential for Child Welfare, Val Armbrust and Molly Tierney discuss how high turnover and long learning curves have impacted the ranks of skilled caseworkers. However, VR technology has the ability to change the status quo and deliver active learning techniques that can speed up training.

Learn more about how AVEnueS can help caseworkers to build their decision-making skills in these Frequently Asked Questions.