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Now more than ever, the public sector must balance the stability of service delivery with the speed to react to citizens’ changing needs. Facing limited resources, compressed timelines and unprecedented challenges, leaders must embrace new ways of working to be successful.

We combine human ingenuity, technology and a delivery-focused culture to enable leaders across public sector organizations to turn ambition into action. By maximizing the value of existing investments and expertise, we help build the foundations of material improvement that delivers sustainable value for citizens and creates lasting capability within government.

The result is more agile government, with services that respond to individual needs, empowered civil service teams that are ready for anything and an efficient technology infrastructure that can scale rapidly.

This is how we help lead with impact and make the most out of every opportunity.

Unleashing growth for maximum impact

We partnered with Oxford Economics to offer governments guidance to maximize returns as they architect the next wave of relief and stimulus packages.

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2021 Accenture & NASCIO Cloud Study

Capitals in the cloud

Advance your mission

Making a difference in citizens’ lives requires not just setting a bold vision but executing pragmatically and efficiently against it. Our deep industry expertise drives end-to-end, proven solutions to help your organization evolve.

Cloud and digital platforms

Public service organizations embrace cloud to enable and accelerate innovation, intelligence and value.

Reimagining regulatory and compliance

It’s time to reimagine how government payments are made and processed, how compliance is communicated and monitored, and how these are designed.

Workforce for a new era of Public Service

Reimagine skilling, talent and operational models to build a resilient workforce that can meet citizens’ evolving needs.

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Accenture's sustainability value promise

Case studies

TN DHS introduced an AI-powered virtual agent that provides families with 24/7 customer service support.

Accenture helped transform the City and County of Denver (CCD) into a top employer with Workday.

California Statewide Automated Welfare System (CalSAWS) moves to a statewide cloud application.

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Voices of Accenture Public Service

Get the latest on how to focus your mission and leverage your resources from our subject-matter experts.

Public Service: Resolve to maximize cloud value

What can you learn from other public service cloud journeys? Valerie Armbrust shares the “Cloud 9.”

COP26: It's good to talk, but it’s time to act

COP26 confirmed that the need for action is urgent but businesses need governments to guide them.

3 things I know are true about the public service

Ryan Gaetz talks about 3 truths about public service inspired by an aha moment.

Meet our lead

For about four decades, we’ve been hearing the phrase “Think globally, act locally.” I have a slightly different mantra for government leaders as they navigate COVID-19: “Look locally AND globally.”

Ryan Oakes

Senior Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Global Public Service

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Consulting careers

Partner with clients to implement strategies that improve essential services. Enable public service organizations to solve for today while anticipating tomorrow by helping them embrace emerging technologies and prepare for workforces of the future.