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Now more than ever, public service organizations must balance stability with speed to meet citizens’ needs. Facing limited resources, compressed timelines and unprecedented challenges, leaders must embrace new ways of working to deliver on their missions.

We bring together people and technology to transform bold visions into meaningful action. Enabling you to leverage your resources to support pragmatic solutions, scale technologies at speed, and build personalized and frictionless experiences that increase trust in government.

By unleashing innovative potential across your organization, we’ll help deliver tangible value for your constituents. Rethinking approaches and retooling services in record time to drive unparalleled outcomes. Helping you balance the global with the local, and the community with the individual, to affect real change.

Lead with impact to make the most of every opportunity.

Public service for a new era

Public service organizations stood up new policies and service delivery models at an astounding pace to respond to COVID-19 crisis. Now it’s time to capitalize on what’s been achieved.

Case studies

The Tennessee DHS needed call center help with massive COVID-19 call volumes.

California moves from legacy eligibility systems to a single statewide, cloud-based application.

AI-powered technology virtual assistants help foreigners set up businesses in Finland.

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What we think

The Net Better Off model enables individuals to work at their full potential.

Build for the longer term—transform ways of working while balancing productivity and safety.

Listening to the needs of students and parents allows institutions to make informed decisions in uncertain times.

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Voices of Accenture Public Service

Get the latest on how to focus your mission and leverage your resources from our subject-matter experts.

Dreaming of cost predictability? How to get it.

Evolving from legacy back-office systems and adopting new cloud-based platforms is key to getting real cost predictability.

How to overcome hard times in higher education

Higher Education Interview Series, 52% of institutional leaders said that they expect extensive or disruptive change in the post-pandemic world.

Returns - the next wave for posts

In January 2021, we are going to see record returns and because returns can be complex and costly, it will be important to get this right.

Meet our lead

For about four decades, we’ve been hearing the phrase “Think globally, act locally.” I have a slightly different mantra for government leaders as they navigate COVID-19: “Look locally AND globally.”

Ryan Oakes

Senior Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Global Public Service

Corporate initiatives

Cracking the gender code

The gender gap in computing is worsening and has implications for the U.S. economy and the next generation of women. Read more.

Innovating for society

Find out how we are using technology and building skills to make a positive impact. Read more.

Creating a culture of equality in the workplace

At Accenture, our goal is to create a workplace environment where everyone feels like they belong…and experiences equal opportunities. Read more.

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Consulting careers

Partner with clients to implement strategies that improve essential services. Enable public service organizations to solve for today while anticipating tomorrow by helping them embrace emerging technologies and prepare for workforces of the future.