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Emerging tech shapes the future

In a rapidly changing world, embrace emerging technology to transform and achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness, and breakthrough innovation.

Emerging technology now


of executives agree that the convergence of digital and physical worlds over the next decade will transform their industry


of executives believe next generation computing will be a major driver of breakthroughs in their industry over the next decade


of executives agree that with rapid technological advancements, it is more important than ever for organizations to innovate with purpose


of executives believe science tech capabilities could help address society’s greatest challenges in health-related issues and diseases

Reinvent with emerging technology

Spatial Computing

Unite virtual and real worlds seamlessly to create experiences previously impossible

How to innovate

  • Research and development
    Disruption is the new normal and innovation is the answer

    Apply R&D to prototype and develop breakthrough ideas to reinvent business models, create new products, and open markets. Co-invest to shape the genesis of new science and technology.

  • Incubation services
    Rapidly deliver value-driven emerging tech for early market entry

    Be an early mover with emerging tech like post-quantum security, space, bio-innovation, science-tech, and advanced enterprise robotics. Harness industry-wide and client-specific solutions for success.

  • Delivery
    Drive repeatable, reliable and scalable innovation

    Make no regret moves with pre-tested cutting-edge solutions. Use our codified approaches to industry-specific problems to get from change to value, faster.

  • Consulting services
    Solve your most pressing problems and discover new opportunities

    Systematically prioritize breakthroughs across the value chain with emerging technology and turn those strategic bets into real, differentiated sources of value that can’t be easily captured by competitors. Build new realities and embed a culture for sustainable growth.

Our leader

Adam Burden

Global Innovation Lead


Grow your careers at the heart of change