Accenture combines defense experience and end-to-end capabilities together with the latest commercial innovations, delivery discipline, and agile approaches at scale for faster, lower-risk execution of complex mission-critical Defense programs.

Emerging technologies applied now

Emerging technologies have the power to advance and support our nation’s defense organizations. From cloud to digital to cybersecurity and AI, we apply our expertise to help our clients drive DoD transformation across mission operations.

Accelerating decision making

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly important for defense organizations. Learn more.

Tipping the balance of power

By having the balance of power in our favor, it makes it harder for our adversaries to win the cyber war. Learn more.

Providing infrastructure

Mission -critical infrastructures need to be secure, adaptive, scalable and cost-effective. Learn more.

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Novetta joins Accenture Federal Services

Novetta—a powerhouse of interdisciplinary innovation known for delivering mission-focused solutions to federal, defense and intelligence customers through scalable advanced analytics and disruptive technologies—is now part of Accenture Federal Services.

Novetta’s 1,300 employees — including software developers, data scientists, and specialists in machine learning, cyber, cloud, and information exploitation — join Accenture Federal Services’ 10,500 people to continue serving the mission.

Bringing together the best of both companies creates opportunities to serve the national security mission in new ways and help federal clients in all sectors become leaders in using sophisticated analytics and emerging technologies to transform how they meet their missions.


Leading in the new

Virtual reality. Video analytics. Data fusion. Precision health insights. See how we’re helping Defense agencies harness the power of disruption to accelerate advantage and ensure mission readiness. What does Leading in the New look like for you?

Our ecosystem is strong

Bold ideas

We extend our deep industry experience and vast technological breadth through a powerful ecosystem of market leaders and innovators.

Daily advancements

Our combined service capabilities are making daily advancements for our national security.

Our network

See a list of the many partners we’re proud to make impacts with as we continue to strengthen our position as the leading ecosystem partner.

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