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Meeting 21st-century challenges will require federal agencies to innovate more, deliver better citizen experiences, and operate more effectively.

Government for a new decade

Innovation is the key to taking on our nation’s biggest challenges. Agencies across the government are connecting deep human and data insights with the possibilities of technology to define and deliver new realities, with enhanced experiences that can improve lives and deliver extraordinary mission outcomes.

Building on a long legacy of government innovation, these agencies are accelerating digital transformation using agile processes, human-centered design, digital platforms, and smart analytics to create better customer experiences and drive improved performance. They know that digital government is not about innovation for its own sake, but operationalizing new technologies that improve citizen services, organizational effectiveness, and mission capabilities. They also know that an empowered, digital-ready workforce is a critical enabler of this transformation.

How can government help you today?

Masters of change at a moment of truth

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic solidified two new truths for federal agencies:

  1. Technology leadership is key: All agency leaders must be fully versed on how technology intersects with and advances their mission ambitions.
  2. Leaders don’t wait for a new normal, they build it: Thriving in a post-pandemic era will require agencies to not just rehabilitate what was, but to potentially upend convention and reimagine it all.

The Federal Technology Vision 2021 helps agency leaders navigate these truths by identifying the top five emerging technology trends impacting government over the next three years. It builds upon insight from more than 50 Accenture experts as well as survey data from 200 federal program, business and IT leaders.

The report analyzes the importance of the technology stack, digital twins, democratized technology, the virtualized workforce, and multiparty systems.


Federal Technology Vision 2021 Highlights

Watch highlights from our video interviews with the authors of Accenture's Federal Technology Vision 2021.

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Accenture Federal Digital Studio

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Our studio is a unique, collaborative environment where clients come to solve tough problems by creating more citizen- and user-centric solutions using our proven service design principles. Let us help you unlock the power of exceptional experience.


Face the future with confidence

The pace of change continues to accelerate. While it’s increasingly important for federal agencies to stay ahead of the curve, it’s also difficult to even know what that curve may look like. How can federal agencies better prepare for what’s ahead when the future feels so uncertain?

Strategic foresight can help, by providing a framework for challenging assumptions and imagining new scenarios in today's fast-moving world. It has two key benefits:

  1. It can strengthen resiliency, by enabling organizations to visualize, explore and prepare for the unimaginable.
  2. It can foster innovation, helping organizations envision and evaluate new approaches they would not have otherwise considered.

In a new report, learn four steps federal leaders can take to begin adopting and scaling strategic foresight across their agencies.

Explore how federal leaders can proactively explore diverse futures to anticipate change, withstand disruptions, and seize new opportunities.

Customer experience

The business of government

Agencies can maximize their recruiting and retention capabilities by being more proactive about employer branding.

Find out what federal workers think about intelligent technologies like AI, their impact on the federal workforce, and readiness to work with them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated opportunities for a more innovative, collaborative, and inclusive future for federal health.

Accenture’s research into eCommerce trends shows how postal organizations must respond to fast and free delivery expectations.

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Fit for federal capabilities

Applied Intelligence

Using AI, automation, and advanced analytics to help agencies reimagine how they achieve their mission, serve citizens, and manage their organization.

Human Capital

Our insights-driven approach accelerates your workforce performance across leadership, talent, culture, organization, and operating model.

Digital platforms

We help federal agencies accelerate transformation and lower costs by designing and delivering scalable, user-centric digital platforms.

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Case studies

The Bureau of Land Management modernized its system to streamline processes and improve customer experience.

A large U.S. federal agency uses an integrated logistics management system, the backbone of the agency’s global supply chain.

We created a digital strategy and comprehensive digital roadmap to transform the visitor experience at America’s national parks.

Supporting HHS-ONC, we conducted research to identify best practices, gaps, and opportunities for progress in the capture, use, and sharing of PGHD.

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Federal viewpoints

Learn more from our experts on the possibilities of a more innovative, human-centric, and data-driven government.

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