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Federal Data & AI

Putting data at the center of the mission

Data & AI services

Data Strategy & Architecture

We define data & AI outcomes so clients can make better decisions through data-driven transformation and scale their data programs to unlock new value.

Data Engineering & Platforms

We build intelligent platforms by architecting and delivering what’s needed to underpin data-driven transformation, including platform migration, leveraging the power of our cloud ecosystem partners.

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

We provide actionable insights to power data-driven transformation from AI and ML, Generative AI, data science, and visualization, delivered to best fit our clients' needs.

Data & Machine Learning Ops

We deliver scaled data, AI and ML solutions, deploying models at scale and optimizing their performance in enterprise systems, integrating AI/ML and data science into client decision-making.

How we deliver

Making eligibility verification a breeze

Connectivity for all

Accenture Federal Services helped a nonprofit implement a new, secure, user-centered eligibility verification platform.

Federal generative AI center of excellence

Explore what Generative AI can do for your agency.

What we think

A new era of generative AI for everyone

We explore the potential of generative AI technology, generative AI applications in business & how generative AI systems can reinvent work.

Government enters the metaverse

Our annual report takes a look at the top emerging technology trends most likely to impact government over the next three years.

Accenture AI leaders podcast

Tune in to hear AI leaders discuss industry trends, challenges and opportunities related to AI, data and cloud.

Federal Viewpoints blog

Awards and recognition

From our leaders

How GenAI can help government address complex problems

Amir Bagherpour highlights how generative AI can be leveraged to create problem statements for complex issues. Read more.

Mission outcomes with generative AI

Jennifer Sample explores the opportunities and challenges generative AI presents for the U.S. federal government. Read more.

Amazon Bedrock signals AI maturity

Chad Iverson discusses Amazon’s recent announcement of Bedrock and how generative AI and Bedrock fit into data-led transformation. Read more.

Our leaders

Denise Zheng

Chief AI Officer – Accenture Federal Services

Nilanjan Sengupta

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Capability Director: Cloud, Data & AI

Jennifer Sample, Ph.D.

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Data & AI, Growth & Strategy Lead

Viveca Pavon-Harr, Ph.D.

Chief Data Scientist and Data & AI Discovery Lab Lead – Accenture Federal Services

Amir Bagherpour

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Data & AI, Strategy and Consulting Lead

Mike Thieme

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Federal Generative AI Center of Excellence Lead

Laura Kurup

Principal Director – Accenture Federal Services, Data Science Innovation

David Lindenbaum

Principal Director – Accenture Federal Services, Data & AI Solutions Lead

Eric Wu

Senior Manager – Accenture Federal Services, Data & AI Partner Ecosystems Lead

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