Federal Applied Intelligence Services

We help federal agencies unlock value from their data, improve visibility and performance, enhance decision-support, and deliver mission outcomes.

Applied intelligence features

Powered by proven solutions

With robust functional and industry offerings for analytics and data management, we are recognized leaders in advanced analytics, AI, and automation.


Our federal-focused, FedRAMP authorized solutions are powered by deep mission expertise and proven data-driven methodologies.

Human-centric innovation

We use design thinking, visioning, and prototyping to develop more user-focused solutions that deliver transformative capabilities.

Delivered with speed at scale

Our advanced analytics solutions deliver speed at scale using Agile methods and deep talent pools with industry, science, and technology expertise.

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How we work

Discovery Lab

The Discovery Lab integrates design, discovery, and data to explore emerging technologies and prototype new capabilities.

Applied Research Group (ARG)

Our experts in NLP, computer vision, and data visualization use deep experience in industry and academia to explore the latest cutting-edge solutions.

Agency-specific focus

We work with industry and client experts to qualify, scope, and support the development of advanced analytics solutions from concept to execution.

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Novetta joins Accenture Federal Services

Novetta—a powerhouse of interdisciplinary innovation known for delivering mission-focused solutions to federal, defense and intelligence customers through scalable advanced analytics and disruptive technologies—is now part of Accenture Federal Services.  

Novetta’s 1,300 employees — including software developers, data scientists, and specialists in machine learning, cyber, cloud, and information exploitation — join Accenture Federal Services’ 10,500 people to continue serving the mission. 

Bringing together the best of both companies creates opportunities to serve the national security mission in new ways and help federal clients in all sectors become leaders in using sophisticated analytics and emerging technologies to transform how they meet their missions. 


The coming federal AI productivity boom

Artificial intelligence (AI) could unleash a productivity windfall for the U.S. government, worth up to $532 billion annually by 2028. Before this can happen, however, federal workers and executives need to be empowered to get the most from AI.

They can do so by:

  1. Emphasizing training
  2. Prioritizing strategy
  3. Rethinking data

Accenture Research developed a groundbreaking economic model that quantified AI’s impact on the G20 economy. This model was used to assess AI’s impact on the U.S. federal workforce and how it might elevate performance.


Federal Viewpoints

Learn what our Applied Intelligence leaders say about applying AI to improve citizen outcomes and transform the mission.

AI analysis at a global scale: New approaches can help in climate change fight

Novel machine learning techniques optimized or born geospatial are needed to meet changing needs and help federal agencies combat climate change.

Using computer vision to monitor wildfire risk

Learn how we built a computer vision model to enable greater, more accurate visibility of tree mortality using Landsat and therefore reduce wildfire risk.

Baseline: Flamingo, mGPT, SynNet & DiT – June 2022

This month in ML: a single visual language model for multiple tasks, text generation improving performance on multiple languages, and more.

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