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Federal edge solutions: Extending IT to the mission’s edge

September 13, 2021


In brief

When milliseconds matter

Localized computing

Distributed compute and storage that brings processing closer to where needed to enable more autonomous operations.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart devices to sense, communicate and act on information.

5G and other networking

Offers the lower latency and higher bandwidth needed to take advantage of this data.

Federal use cases for edge solutions


Security and law enforcement






Smart communities


Connected workers

Meeting the security challenges for federal edge solutions

Getting started with edge technology

1. Reimagine your mission at the edge

Focus on how field operations can be transformed through faster or more complex data processing as and where it's being generated.

2. Harness the power of 5G+

Understand how solutions can be optimized for specific networks.

3. Architect a platform-based approach

Take advantage of modular, “plug and play” interoperability.

4. Capitalize on commercial innovations

Create an edge ecosystem.

5. Secure by design

Adopt a zero-trust mindset.

Off the edge