Cybersecurity: Maximize Resilience

Next-generation cybersecurity services can help you achieve your mission and build cyber resilience from the inside out.

"We define Cyber Resilience as the ability to continuously deliver the intended outcome despite adverse cyber events."

– GUS HUNT, Managing Director and Cyber Strategy Lead, Accenture Federal Services

Know. Emulate. Outpace. Eliminate. Your Threat

Digital operations are making more data available across more
devices—creating an ever-larger attack surface that sophisticated adversaries are targeting. You need a different approach to cyber resilience today. Accenture Federal Services is ready.

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What does it take to achieve true cyber resilience? Discover the six essential steps federal organizations can take to minimize the impact and potential loss when an event does happen.

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Managed detection and response

Our cutting-edge MDR offering combines event management, breach detection, security monitoring, threat intelligence and incident response into a single end-to-end turnkey platform.

Know your threat

We use our repository of 18 million known bad actors, malicious IP addresses and viral code snippets to identify threats as they are happening.

Emulate your threat

Our cyber operators are equipped with advanced tools to mimic and emulate the most advanced adversaries to test and improve your defenses.

Outpace your threat

We evict adversaries in seconds, not hours, using advanced automated response solutions powered by data analytics, AI and machine learning.

Eliminate your threat

Our hunt team’s knowledge of adversary techniques protects US federal and DoD networks from sophisticated, never-before-seen-attacks.

Our Federal Cyber Center

At the Accenture Federal Cyber Center in San Antonio, Texas, we have fused together deep cybersecurity expertise with the artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics tools that allow us to know, emulate, outpace and eliminate threats in real time.

Security by design

Your adversaries want two things—data and control. It’s time to prepare for cyber resilience and demand data-centric security. Discover the path to data-centric security now: the good, the better the best.

As you make progress over time, you will reach the critical point where you’re no longer securing data—the data is practically securing itself.

Gus Hunt

Managing Director, Cyber Strategy Lead

The path to cyber resilience

Shifting from a posture of cybersecurity to one of cyber resilience allows federal agencies to ensure operations and remain consistent, even when a breach occurs.

Putting our nation on a path to cyber resilience

The good, better, best path to data-centric security

Ensuring citizen trust is essential to future modernization

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