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Our end-to-end cybersecurity services and skilled professionals enable federal agencies to innovate safely and build cyber resilience.

News: Accenture named #1 cybersecurity provider

HFS Top 10: Cybersecurity Service Providers, 2022

World-class cyber capabilities for federal agencies

Federal agencies continue to face sophisticated and pervasive cybersecurity threats.

This more challenging and dynamic environment demands cyber resiliency, the ability to quickly mitigate attacks and damage while maintaining mission continuity.

At Accenture, we are inspired to help the federal government accelerate efforts to combat a growing array of adversaries.

What sets Accenture apart are world-class cybersecurity capabilities, including:

  • Deep understanding of agency technology and mission
  • Significant investment in continuous innovation
  • Consistently ranked by industry analysts as a market leader
  • The industry’s largest and most proven partner ecosystem

As a leader in end-to-end cybersecurity for the federal government, we are never complacent. We stand ready to partner with federal leaders to protect the nation.

Next-Generation Cybersecurity for Critical Missions

Accenture Federal Services, a leader in cybersecurity capabilities, is ready to partner with federal leaders to protect the nation.

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Cybersecurity services

Our cybersecurity services enable mission resilience by offering deep cyber expertise, advanced analytics, continuous monitoring, and secure cloud services. We help agencies to detect, defeat, and recover from attacks faster and more confidently.

XDR for government

XDR helps remove the burden of continuous technology stack maintenance and allows for a more responsive, cost-effective, and scalable SOC offering.

Accenture Federal Cyber Center

We combine cybersecurity expertise, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics to deliver real-time threat intelligence.

Cloud and infrastructure services

Our Cloud Managed Platform Services (CMPS), system health monitoring, and system/network admin support deliver more stable, secure infrastructure.

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Eliminate threats in real time

Cyber Resilience means designing enterprise assets to be difficult to attack, minimizing the potential loss when attacked, and continuously delivering capabilities regardless of what happens.

The old security model focused on reacting. The new model of resilience places greater emphasis on anticipating threats and ensuring continuity of operations. As threat vectors expand, agencies need to adopt the right frameworks and implement comprehensive capabilities that keep them on offense and bad actors off-balance. Using advanced cyber defense, applied cyber solutions, and managed security services, Accenture provides the end-to-end protection agencies demand.

We use artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics, and real-time threat intelligence to ensure a proactive defense posture. We combine scalable cloud solutions, data-centric security models, DevSecOps practices, and Extended Detection and Response solutions offering cost-effective, full attack chain visibility.

The State of Cyber Resilience report identifies best practices of federal leaders that outperform their peers in defending against cyberattacks.

Novetta joins Accenture Federal Services

Novetta—a powerhouse of interdisciplinary innovation known for delivering mission-focused solutions to federal, defense and intelligence customers through scalable advanced analytics and disruptive technologies—is now part of Accenture Federal Services.

Novetta’s 1,300 employees — including software developers, data scientists, and specialists in machine learning, cyber, cloud, and information exploitation — join Accenture Federal Services’ 10,500 people to continue serving the mission.

Bringing together the best of both companies creates opportunities to serve the national security mission in new ways and help federal clients in all sectors become leaders in using sophisticated analytics and emerging technologies to transform how they meet their missions.


Cyber resilience in action

At the Accenture Federal Cyber Center in San Antonio, Texas, we have fused together deep cybersecurity expertise with the artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics tools that allow us to respond to threats in real time.

The center delivers the managed services our clients need to move beyond cybersecurity and become cyber resilient, helping clients know, emulate, outpace, and eliminate their threats more effectively and at more advanced levels.

Federal Cyber Center in San Antonio

Accenture Federal Cyber Center in San Antonio have fused together deep cybersecurity expertise with technology to eliminate threats in real-time. See more.

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Managed security services

Helping clients rapidly scale security and compliance operations through innovative technology, as-a-service capabilities, and cybersecurity services.

Application security

We make security integral to every stage of the development process, adopting DevSecOps practices and automated scanning and testing.

Cloud security

We help agencies use elastic workloads, multizone computing, and multi-cloud strategies to make critical assets hard to find and difficult to harm.

Digital identity

We use data-centric security techniques, processes, and tools to centralize and streamline access to cloud and enterprise services and applications.

Security assessment

As an accredited 3PAO we help agencies reduce uncertainty, mitigate risks, and maximize mission capabilities that drive overall performance.

Threat intelligence

We defend against the most advanced cyber adversaries, reducing your exposure to threats targeting applications, hardware (OT/IOT), and assets.

Detection & response

We reduce the time to detect and resolve compromises by applying sets of orchestrated plays that automate detection and response.

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FedRAMP authorized security service

Accenture’s XDR for Government helps address federal agencies false sense of security by detecting and mitigating cyber-attacks at machine speed. It helps remove the burden of continuous technology stack maintenance, offering a more responsive, cost-effective, and scalable SOC offering. XDR offers:

  • Experienced personnel monitoring your network, cloud, and endpoints 24/7 – providing continuous protection.
  • Threat intelligence curated from open and proprietary sources delivering alerts that matter.
  • A cyber team that builds, shares, and maintains a catalog of detections for known tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).
  • Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities to automate tasks and mitigate threats at machine speed.
  • A relentless threat hunting team working under strict SLAs to close the window of opportunity.
  • Qualitative and quantitative metrics, a user-friendly portal, and an industry leading SLA of <15 minutes mean time to resolution.

What we think

Federal Viewpoints blog

Get the latest insights from our Cyber thought leaders on building and maintaining cyber resilience.

Continuous Authorization streamlined through compliance automation

By automating Continuous Authorization, agencies can ensure that the modern, agile IT capabilities they’re deploying have security built in.

Accenture Federal Services named Cloudflare's GSI Partner of the Year

Accenture Federal Services was recently named Cloudflare's Government Systems Integrator Partner of the Year for the Americas.

How we're protecting the internet's "phone book" for federal agencies

CISA’s Protective DNS Service secures federal DNS traffic and thwarts the vast majority of cyberattacks before they can even get launched.

Awards & recognition

Accenture is continually recognized as a best-in-class security solutions provider by independent, third-party networks and research organizations.

The Forrester Wave

Global Leader: Global Cybersecurity Consulting Providers

For 1 year starting Q4 2021

IDC MarketScape

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Managed Security Services 2020 Vendor Assessment

For 1 year, 2020 Accenture positioned as a Leader

Palo Alto Networks

Global Systems Integrator Partner of the Year

Four years in a row (2017 -2020)

Everest Group

Everest Group PEAK Matrix® for IT Security Services 2020 report

For 1 year, 2020 Named a Leader and Star Performer

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