Digital platforms consulting

We help federal agencies accelerate transformation and lower costs by designing and delivering scalable, user-centric digital platforms.

"Our vision manifests itself in delivery excellence and innovation to benefit agencies and lead the industry forward."

— Aaron Jackson, Digital Platforms Lead

About us

Our vision is to transform the Federal landscape by delivering more effective services to citizens and employees using digital platforms. We are committed to building solutions that align with our clients’ goal, regardless of the selected platform. Our strategic alliances with software vendors allow us to rapidly innovate as global implementation leaders.

We accelerate our capabilities through innovative solutions such as our Digital Service Center, which ramps up end to end modern service experiences for agencies, rivaling commercial services we use day to day. We further energize all our offerings by highlighting areas including human centered design and change management. By first demonstrating the value of the people and process and then incorporating the technology, we help the federal government achieve desired mission-critical outcomes.

What we do

Simplify problems with Human-Centered Design

We use empathy, co-creation, and experimentation to identify and resolve pain points, further driving your agency to mission-critical outcomes.

Solution accelerators with Platform Elevation

Our Platform Elevation Lab develops solution accelerators and functional specific frameworks to implement industry leading practices and lower costs.

Transform citizen and employee engagement

Experience matters. We bring our global leadership in digital platform solutions to help agencies transform the citizen and employee experience.

Scale digital transformation with the best talent

We offer the largest network of skilled and certified professionals across the leading digital platforms to help scale your digital transformation.

Drive collaborative solutions across the ecosystem

Our practice brings collaborative expertise ranging from business analysis and development to governance and change management.

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