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Accenture Federal Services delivers a range of innovative, tech-enabled services for the U.S. Federal Government to address the complex, sensitive challenges of national security and intelligence missions. Together, our teams of software developers, data scientists, and specialists in machine learning, cyber, cloud, and information exploitation enable advanced programs to help our nation stay ahead, prepared, and secure.

Interdisciplinary approach

A force of innovation, we bring together focused insights and technological advances, giving the mission space the advantage to stay ahead of adversaries.

Data analytics

Extracting meaningful context from complex, dynamic datasets, and data streams.

Machine learning

Applying state-of-the-art ML models, algorithms, and libraries to simplify and solve data-intensive analytical problems.

Full-spectrum cyber

Creating multidisciplinary tools to dynamically disrupt, mitigate, and neutralize cyber vulnerabilities and adversary attacks.

Cloud engineering

Delivering accredited, scalable, containerized infrastructure and analytics on multiple cloud platforms.

Open source analytics

Processing and enriching social and traditional media feeds to generate strategic insights into dynamic events and geopolitical trends.

Multi-INT analytics

Ingesting and normalizing sensor, system, and intelligence data to create a unified web-based processing, analysis, and visualization environment.


Automating Infrastructure-as-Code pipelines for secure, continuous integration and delivery of production software.

Sensor integration

Collecting and analyzing sensor and IoT data through edge-to-enterprise platforms.

Digital transformation

Connecting business knowledge and mission experience to enable transformative digital services focused on improving user experiences at enterprise scale.

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Mission Careers

Critical work with exceptional people

A destination for curious, motivated minds, we know that empowering and supporting the humans behind the work creates opportunity at all levels.


Federal Viewpoints blog

Always looking forward, the Federal Viewpoints blog is a space to tap into what’s happening inside Accenture Federal Services, a look at the wider industry, and a glimpse of integrated solutions coming from commercial market advances.

Mining data in maritime vessel traffic

TDMF uses geospatial analytics and Accenture Federal Services' ML techniques to mine geolocation data for patterns to help identify anomalies.

RISER supercharges bulk collection of biometrics

RISER bridges a critical gap, converting foreign paper fingerprint cards into the federal government’s digital EBTS format.

Using machine learning to analyze unproven narratives on social media

Rapid Narrative Analysis enables accuracy and speed in social media analysis by combining human expertise at critical stages with machine learning models.

Our leaders

Industry lens

From patrolling the battlefield to conducting field inspections, edge solutions can help agencies execute on their highly distributed missions.

With extended reality, federal agencies can reimagine how they operate while making data more accessible and digestible.

Digital twins are increasingly accessible and can help federal agencies experiment, collaborate, and operate faster and with more confidence.

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Novetta, part of Accenture Federal Services, strikes deal with the U.S. Air Force to resell platform one products

Innovative agreement expands customer access to government-owned software development platform.

Accenture Federal Services (AFS) completes acquisition of Novetta

AFS adds a new National Security portfolio to its business to be led by Novetta President and CEO Tiffanny Gates.


Novetta joins Accenture Federal Services

Our combined company creates opportunities to serve the national security mission in new ways.

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