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The pace of change continues to accelerate. While it’s increasingly important for federal agencies to stay ahead of the curve, it’s also difficult to even know what that curve may look like. How can federal agencies better prepare for what’s ahead when the future feels so uncertain?

Strategic foresight can help, by providing a framework for challenging assumptions and imagining new scenarios in today's fast-moving world. It has two key benefits:

  1. It can strengthen resiliency, by enabling organizations to visualize, explore and prepare for the unimaginable. 
  2. It can foster innovation, helping organizations envision and evaluate new approaches they would not have otherwise considered.

In a new report, learn four steps federal leaders can take to begin adopting and scaling strategic foresight across their agencies.

Explore how federal leaders can proactively explore diverse futures to anticipate change, withstand disruptions, and seize new opportunities.

About us

Today, people expect to interact with the government as easily as they do with their favorite brands and services. So our mission is to transform the federal government’s ability to enable people to live their best lives.

Our 160+ designers, developers, engineers, data scientists, creatives and cultural anthropologists collaborate to solve complex problems. We bring together leading human centered design and agile methods to focus on people and their needs in concert with technology, organizations and policy.

We are proud to be part of Accenture’s Fjord design practice, with reach back to our 30+ global studios. We have a distinct, exclusive focus on federal government clients, operating within Accenture Federal Services.

How we work

Our talented team spans design, data, tech and creative expertise. We collaborate with each other—and co-create with you, your workforce, and your users to drive alignment, engagement, and mission outcomes.


We design for human impact. We infuse human-centric methods from vision to strategy through product development to drive mission outcomes.


Here, responsible AI is the baseline of strategic decision making and machine learning. We bring a human-centered lens to a suite of data expertise.


Let’s talk days, not months. Our dedicated rapid prototyping team can quickly test and prove concepts to drive alignment and investment.


Spread the word—we create campaigns to share our Federal clients’ new initiatives and recent successes, both to internal audiences and the public.

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Commitment to diversity

Inclusion matters. Diversity is at the core of who we are. As we stand together against racism our commitment is unwavering.

We believe in creating opportunities for talented people. Though talent is equally distributed, opportunities are not – and we strive to change that.

That’s why we are committed to developing the next generation of talent. Does your student group or non-profit work with underserved populations? If so, our volunteers would be happy to connect to share career insights and design thinking approaches.

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Read Accenture’s commitment to inclusion and diversity and discover how we are creating a culture of equality in our workplace.

Get to know us

What makes the studio the studio? It’s a combination of mindsets, skills, philosophies, and methods designed to drive impact. Check out a sampling of what our team loves about working here:

"Bountiful opportunities to learn and grow, both professionally and personally. I feel empowered to follow my curiosity and bring my whole Self to work." Elena Hutchinson, Visual Designer

"Design is a beautiful blend of art and science - my two favorite things! I love working with curious people who think critically, create beauty & question assumptions." Sarah DeWitt, Design Director

"We have the opportunity to create work that unravels historically systemic social issues to promote equity for federal employees and their customers." Chinelo Ikejimba, Interaction Designer

"What I love most is the scale of impact our work has on improving the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans." Kylee Talwar, Business Design Lead

"I respect that we continuously test assumptions. Human-centered design is flexible, inclusive, and ever-evolving, and our solutions reflect that same dynamism." Shei Reyes, Interaction Designer

"We’re designing with great people for incredible human impact at a mind-boggling scale." Caleb Kyle, Interaction Designer

"I love that I get to be myself at work. I love that I get to connect with people with very different backgrounds & skillsets and learn from their thought processes." Rachel Head, Interaction Designer

"Our work truly matters. We're pushing the federal government to think outside the box and putting humans at the center to solve real world problems." Stephanie Rubin, Digital Producer Lead

"What do I love about my work? The variety of ideas and the range of challenges we’re solving for. Everyday is interesting in new ways." Frank Yoon, Rapid Prototyping

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Shaping tomorrow, starting today

Futureframe is a human-centered design methodology created to assist government agencies in tackling the multifaceted challenges they face in serving large, diverse populations.

Developed by the Accenture Federal Studio, Futureframe builds upon two well-established disciplines—service design and systems design—to develop sustainable solutions that can operate at societal scale.

In a new report, explore Futureframe and see how it can be applied to an area that crosses many missions and agencies: federal benefits, assistance and insurance programs.

Through Futureframe, leaders can envision a future for these programs that is more anticipatory, integrated, trusted, convenient, and radically human.

Futureframe is a human-centered design methodology for implementing transformative change to create more effective, equitable solutions.

What we think

Case studies

Department of Education transforms customer experience for over 40 million borrowers.

How the USDA’s online portal equips farmers to grow their businesses.

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Federal viewpoints blog

Where future meets federal. Viewpoints on making change matter.

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Accenture’s Fjord Trends analyze the shifting human experience, mapping key trends to help government meet the needs of the moment.

Inclusive product design is essential to advancing equity

Inclusive product and service design is key to the federal government’s mission of equitably serving all customers.

Advancing gender equity in the federal workforce through data

Effective use of data is essential to advancing gender equity for the federal workforce, particularly in the wake of COVID-19.

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