Accenture Federal Digital Studio

We put people first to design and deliver services, solutions and products that radically simplify how we engage with government.

About us

Today, people expect to interact with the government as easily as they do with their favorite brands and services. So our mission is to transform the federal government’s ability to enable people to live their best lives.

Our 160+ designers, developers, engineers, data scientists, creatives and cultural anthropologists collaborate to solve complex problems. We bring together leading human centered design and agile methods to focus on people and their needs in concert with technology, organizations and policy.

We are proud to be part of Accenture’s Fjord design practice, with reach back to our 30+ global studios. We have a distinct, exclusive focus on federal government clients, operating within Accenture Federal Services.

How we work

Our talented team spans design, data, tech and creative expertise. We collaborate with each other—and co-create with you, your workforce, and your users to drive alignment, engagement, and mission outcomes.


We design for human impact. We infuse human-centric methods from vision to strategy through product development to drive mission outcomes.


Here, responsible AI is the baseline of strategic decision making and machine learning. We bring a human-centered lens to a suite of data expertise.


Let’s talk days, not months. Our dedicated rapid prototyping team can quickly test and prove concepts to drive alignment and investment.


Spread the word—we create campaigns to share our Federal clients’ new initiatives and recent successes, both to internal audiences and the public.

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Commitment to diversity

Inclusion matters. Diversity is at the core of who we are. As we stand together against racism our commitment is unwavering.

We believe in creating opportunities for talented people. Though talent is equally distributed, opportunities are not – and we strive to change that.

That’s why we are committed to developing the next generation of talent. Does your student group or non-profit work with underserved populations? If so, our volunteers would be happy to connect to share career insights and design thinking approaches.

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Read Accenture’s commitment to inclusion and diversity and discover how we are creating a culture of equality in our workplace.

Get to know us

What makes the studio the studio? It’s a combination of mindsets, skills, philosophies, and methods designed to drive impact. Hear from the people who make it happen:

"The studio is passionately committed to humanizing technology and we are driven by the fundamental belief that we can always make things better together." Ben Cannon, Design Director

"There’s no digital transformation without social transformation. One more big reason why humans need to be at the center of design." Robbie Blinkoff, Design Director, Cultural Anthropologist

"As designers we’re in love with the problem. We’re tenacious and committed to making sure we get it right." Shannon McConnell, Interaction Designer

"Human-centered isn’t a buzzword in our studio. It’s an ethos embedded in our work and our culture." Chinelo Ikejimba, Interaction Designer

"Data science is the new oil, but it needs refinement to fuel your business." Ian McCulloh, Chief Data Scientist

"Focusing on human impact enables our clients to keep pace with legislative, technological and economic change because it results in quick, organic solutions." Yaz Yazicioglu, Technology Director

"Government is experiencing the joy and uncertainty when learning to swim in the ocean of AI. Designing for citizen well-being helps government outmaneuver uncertainty." Laura Kahn, Data Scientist

"Organizations are complex. Design helps us understand the whole ecosystem - the people, the technology, the processes, the culture - and find meaningful ways to transform." Jo Golden, Design Director

"Agencies across government are eager to meet the increasing expectations for best in class services. Customer experience has never been more vital." Kathy Conrad, Director, Digital Government

"Collaboration has changed: virtual and in person, real-time and asynchronous, human and machine. The possibilities keep expanding, and so do our opportunities." Lauren Oliver, Group Design Director

"There isn't one person here where I wasn't blown away by the questions they asked or how they truly listen. It's this depth that drives us to breakthrough insights." Tiffany Smith, Business Designer

"Design requires understanding the human at the center, their goals, and environment, then sculpting a solution that feels natural and just makes sense." Bensonn Anspach, Interaction Designer

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What we think

Accenture’s Fjord Trends 2021 provides insights into emerging trends in business, technology and design focused on meeting human needs.

Case studies

Department of Education transforms customer experience for over 40 million borrowers.

How the USDA’s online portal equips farmers to grow their businesses.

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Federal viewpoints blog

Where future meets federal. Viewpoints on making change matter.

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The Accenture Federal Digital Studio analyzes how the 2021 Fjord Trends help agencies navigate a new era of federal customer and employee experience.

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Effective use of data is essential to advancing gender equity for the federal workforce, particularly in the wake of COVID-19.

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