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Federal Innovator Podcast

Join hosts Tim Irvine, Accenture Managing Director & CX expert, and Stephanie Wander, Deputy Director & Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center, as they talk with the change agents that are disrupting how the federal government operates.

Breaking Tradition to Transform (Episode 1)

Speaking the Love Language of the Decisionmaker (Episode 2)

Mapping UX Innovation (Episode 3)

Accelerating Innovation (Episode 4)

Art, Innovation and Storytelling (Episode 5)

Building an Innovation Timeline (Episode 6)

After you listen


Learn how Accenture applied Futureframe, a human-centered design methodology for change, to federal benefits, assistance and insurance programs.

Building government resiliency with strategic foresight

Strategic foresight, a framework for challenging assumptions and imagining new future scenarios, offers agencies resiliency and greater innovation.

Fjord Trends 2022

Read Accenture’s five major trends, centered around the importance of building positive relationships, with significant implications for the year ahead.


Accenture Federal Studio

See how we are designing digital solutions, accelerating AI capabilities & deploying rapid prototype solutions so agencies can deliver great impact.

Artificial Intelligence

Here’s how we help agencies use AI, big data analytics, and intelligent automation to improve mission success.

Digital Government Innovation

Our experience in IT modernization, cloud computing, and digital services enable more agile, citizen-centric, and secure services. 

Cyber Resilience

Shift to cyber resilience to continuously deliver the intended outcomes despite adverse cyber events. 

Federal IT Modernization

Disruptive forces are reshaping our wold, and federal agencies need new ways to meet their mission and delivery goals.