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Building government resiliency with strategic foresight

May 8, 2022 15-MINUTE READ


In brief

History of strategic foresight in federal government

Why strategic foresight is important

Strategic foresight in action

Where to start

1. Embrace uncertainty

Effectively adopting strategic foresight is not just a new skill to be trained on. It’s also a mindset and cultural shift.

2. Start small to test, but scale for success

You must decide how you want to integrate strategic foresight into your organization—as a way to explore specific problems, or as a way to foster greater creativity and innovation?

3. Translate your preferred futures into action

Exploring diverse futures can create rich insight – but without subsequent action, it remains just a thought exercise, not an integral part of your business strategy.

4. Document, assess, and track value

As your organization becomes increasingly adept at strategic foresight, you can identify the best cadence and timing for conducting these efforts and assess the value you are receiving from them.

Face the future

Lauren Oliver

Principal Director – Accenture Federal Services, Experience Practice

Philip Hartley


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Strategic foresight for federal government

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