Federal Human Capital Consulting

Achieve mission success through elevated people planning, development, and management. We help you create your workforce for the future.

Federal Human Capital offerings

We advise and co-create the right strategy for your workforce. Grounded in Workforce of the Future research, our insights-driven approach accelerates your workforce performance across leadership, talent, culture, organization, and operating model.

Future of Federal HR

Make human capital a strategic asset through strategy, employee experience, precision recruiting, leadership development and process optimization. Learn more.

Federal Workforce Transformation

Reimagine work and pivot your workforce toward the new skills required for the digital age. Develop the talent needed for enterprise agility. Learn more.

NextGen Change for Government

Prepare your agency for large-scale transformation, empowering a resilient and change-ready workforce. Insight driven, agile, and human-centered. Learn more.

Federal Human Capital Analytics

Gain critical insights about organizational performance and readiness. Understand your productivity drivers, labor cost and workforce risk factors. Learn more.

Federal Employer Branding Strategy

Our employer branding strategy solutions help you achieve differentiation, improve recruitment and retention, and increase employee engagement. Learn more.

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How we work

Our insights driven approach helps clients accelerate workforce performance, creating more agile, adaptive organizations.

Discover with insight, describe with impact

We uncover key workforce challenges and opportunities and make a clear, compelling case for change.

Co-create new ideas and solutions

We use design thinking to identify opportunities and solve problems, using empathy, collaboration, and experimentation for successful outcomes.

Scale excellence, sustain improvements

We offer a scalable suite of tools and platforms to accelerate workforce performance and agility, using analytics to measure and sustain improvement.

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Our leaders