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Accenture Vaccine Management Solution

Expert support and innovative technologies for distributing COVID-19 vaccines safely, equitably and efficiently.

Managing and maintaining a vaccine distribution timeline

Four key priorities


Maintain a plan to adhere to new CDC guidelines, which affect the entire vaccine management ecosystem.


Ensure the ability to handle more users while aligning with CDC requirements for inventory management, documentation and reporting.


Continue collaborating with stakeholders to create an effective and equitable plan for distributing vaccines and to modernize existing systems.


Efficiently allocate federal funding in support of vaccine distribution and training.

How might state and local governments transform their success with COVID-19 vaccine management to improve disease surveillance and immunization information management?

Solution overview

What we think

Why belonging matters now more than ever

Improve public service workers experiences by creating a future of work that’s more equitable.

Equitable vaccine access at speed for all

Accenture explains how Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, aims to accelerate vaccine access using intelligent finance operations.

Scaling contact tracing to keep employees safe

NASA deploys a unified application for COVID contract tracing, enabling thousands of employees to return to work safely.

Integrate with existing solutions – including your Immunization Information System and EHR – to enable two-way data flow to manage vaccine inventory, provider agreements, administration data and patient health information.

Our leaders

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Managing Director – Consulting, Public Service, North America

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Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Public Service

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Associate Director – Consulting, Public Service, North America

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Managing Director - Health & Public Service, Public Health