Public sector health analytics

Harness data to deliver outcomes that matter.

Data, analytics and AI are opening the door to new possibilities for how Medicaid and departments of public health can dissect challenges, generate actionable insights and then monitor and continually improve performance over time.

The path to better health outcomes

Navigate the complex health ecosystem

  • Support growing enrollment and contain cost
  • Deliver insights rapidly to manage public health crises
  • Address disparities in health outcomes

Collaborate across agencies

  • Overcome barriers to data sharing across agencies and health ecosystem partners
  • Enable outcomes that exceed boundaries of any single agency

Achieve public sector health goals

  • Create cross-agency executive dashboards
  • Gain a holistic view of members and programs
  • Enable data-driven decisions for continuous improvement

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Improving health equity

Social determinants of health (SDOH)—including housing stability, access to fresh and nutritious food, transportation resources, mental health and even quality of social connections—have a tremendous impact on health outcomes at the individual and population levels. The pandemic reinforced the need to understand these factors and take action to improve health equity and address racial and ethnic disparities. With tools for sharing data to create a more holistic understanding of all the factors that influence health, Accenture can help states identify ways to increase equity and support better outcomes for all members and populations.

Optimizing policy and program performance

Public Health leaders require insights to drive decisions that can improve eligibility and benefit administration, access to and quality of care, service delivery systems, member experience, and operational efficiencies while ensuring program integrity and containing costs. A flexible and agile data analytics platform can bring together and present the right data to enable states to develop innovative programs and greatly enhance policy and program outcomes now and in the future.

Combining industry knowledge, expertise in data and AI solutions as well as cloud technologies, we help states make data driven decisions to optimize program performance, increase operational efficiencies and create healthier communities.
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Accenture Health Insights Platform

Strengthening outcomes with MCO partners

Many Medicaid agencies encounter challenges in attaining a coordinated view of beneficiary experience and health outcomes within and across plans. Accenture works with states to use data and analytics to assess and continually improve plan performance. These insights support development of future MCO contracts and reporting, helping craft terms and conditions that are clearly defined, quantifiable and trackable.

Managing crisis and chronic diseases

Public health departments have long faced the need to monitor and manage chronic diseases, such as HIV and Hepatitis-C. In the wake of the opioid epidemic and, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic, agencies have been challenged to implement rigorous and scalable disease management. Data and analytics can help improve approaches to disease surveillance and utilization management. These solutions enable a more accurate and timely understanding of who is at risk for a disease, how patients are being cared for, and whether the services delivered meet standards for care quality and coordination.

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Accenture Vaccine Management Solution

Maximizing telehealth through analytics

The COVID-19 pandemic served as an unplanned proving ground for Medicaid telehealth, and there is growing agreement that telehealth should continue to play a role in Medicaid population health management. As states shift from temporary to permanent changes, analytics can play a key role in informing clinical policy. We help states explore which of the temporary telehealth policies should become permanent, which populations would benefit from permanent telehealth policies, and how telehealth could help increase health equity.

Case studies

The State of Ohio is harnessing Big Data to better understand and address factors affecting infant mortality.

NASA deployed a unified application for COVID contract tracing, enabling thousands to return to work safely.

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