A single source of the truth

A high-tech company distributing technology products and services for businesses, with a presence in North America and Europe, suffered from fragmented sales pipeline data with no single source of the truth.

The company wanted to transform its marketing organization to a data-driven operation that used an established standardized set of measurements, metrics and KPIs. They also wanted the ability to effectively plan and analyze their marketing investment, using advanced analytics.

Strategy and solution

The journey to intelligent operations

Using SynOps for Marketing, advanced analytics moved the company away from manual processing to a predictive and proactive mindset, freeing and empowering its marketers to deliver innovative ideas that elevate the marketing function.

Lead generation

The lead generation program went from being completely manual to using digital technologies to augment, treat and rank leads.

Marketing spend

The process and governance for budget allocation was reorganized. Assessing advertising spend ROI, measuring display ad impressions and studying website behavioral data sharpened advertising briefs.

Sales channels

Accenture worked with the company’s Small and Medium Sized Business (SMB) customers to effectively channel them to Sales Contact Centers through a dedicated account manager.

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Integrated, end-to-end solutions

Advanced analytics and digital technologies are helping the client process more leads, improve ROI on marketing spend and increase sales revenue.


In the first quarter, 740,000 leads were processed, which was 715,000 more than the client previously processed in a year. This led to an 11x increase in revenue in the first 4 months.


Website behavioral data identified an increased e-account creation rate, creating a $5M incremental revenue opportunity. In the program’s first 4 months the client realized close to $4M—4x the ROI.


Overall sales in the first 6 months of the program has generated $10 million—a 10 percent increase in sales.

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