Reinventing insurance business processes

Helping insurers harness the power of human ingenuity & intelligent technologies to better serve customers and navigate disruption in the marketplace

What we do

Accenture Intelligent Insurance Operations applies analytics, AI and automation—enabling clients to gain insights on agency and distributor performance, while improving their claims processes by enabling better fraud detection.

Life and annuity policy services

From front-line sales to back-office administration, we provide support for the entire policy life cycle.

Property and casualty policy services

We specialize in BPS throughout the property and casualty value chain, helping insurers achieve cost efficiency and increased revenue.

Property and casualty claims services

We help insurers focus on customer service to build loyalty and organic growth, providing them with high quality claim processing at speed.

Pension service

We excel at enhancing pension-related strategies, processes and technologies. Our services span contributions, benefits and asset management.

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What we think

Agility, flexibility and responsiveness enhance the customer experience and deliver superior business outcomes.

How insurers can address an $81 billion near-term opportunity in insuring autonomous vehicles.

How industrial wearables can help insurers and industrial organizations lower costs and improve safety.

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