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Federal Change Management

Change is in everything

Federal Change Management capabilities

Modern change management

Utilize methods and accelerators to equip agencies to undergo coordinated organizational change on an individualized level.

Human side of cloud and cyber

Build the cloud and cybersecurity workforce of the future to maximize operational effectiveness and achieve the desired value of emerging technologies by embedding new ways of working.

Durable learning

Design learning journeys to meet people where they are; supporting immersive learning, reskilling, and transformation efforts with digitally enabled and hyper-personalized development experiences.

Building a future workforce

MSRB: A people-first approach to cloud

Combining cloud and workforce transformation for lasting success.

Federal Viewpoints blog

Meet our lead

Kate Budura

Senior Manager – Accenture Federal Services, Human Capital, Transformational Change Lead

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Future of federal HR

Make human capital a strategic asset through strategy, employee experience, precision recruiting, leadership development and process optimization.

Federal human capital analytics

Gain critical insights about organizational performance and readiness. Understand your productivity drivers, labor cost and workforce risk factors.

NextGen change for government

Prepare your agency for large-scale transformation, empowering a resilient and change-ready workforce. Insight driven, agile, and human-centered.