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Federal HR Transformation

Federal HR meets post-digital expectations

Federal HR Transformation capabilities

HR strategy and talent acquisition

Evaluate and design human resource practices, processes, and technologies to attract and retain a workforce ready to meet mission demand.

Employee experience and engagement

Retain and engage people by designing hyper-personalized digital, physical, and human experiences for significant and everyday moments.

Workforce data and digitalization

Analyze and respond to data in real time to drive the people strategy and utilize digital platforms to elevate the employee experience and deliver on expectations for modernization.

Engaging the digital workforce

From always connected to omni-connected

Creating value for people and business through omni-connected experiences.

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Meet our lead

Bronwyn Taylor

Senior Manager – Accenture Federal Services, Human Capital, HR Transformation Lead

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Federal human capital analytics

Gain critical insights about organizational performance and readiness. Understand your productivity drivers, labor cost and workforce risk factors.

NextGen change for government

Prepare your agency for large-scale transformation, empowering a resilient and change-ready workforce. Insight driven, agile, and human-centered.

Federal workforce transformation

Reimagine work and pivot your workforce toward the new skills required for the digital age. Develop the talent needed for enterprise agility.