Pega federal consulting services

Our Pega-powered solutions bring intelligent automation to case management, customer service, and business process management.


Case management

Our solutions consolidate digital files, processes, forms, and data to accelerate the case lifecycle for better, faster, more effective resolution.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We combine robotics with automation to streamline repetitive, high-volume work, integrate legacy systems, and improve data integration.

Call center and customer service

Our contact lifecycle solution enables faster, better service by consolidating channels, combining data, and leveraging predictive analytics.

Citizen engagement

Our public portal solutions drive community engagement with personalized interactions, community-specific processes, and self-help capabilities.

Workforce intelligence

Our solutions use advanced analytics and automated bots to help agencies monitor how employees work to identify opportunities to automate processes.

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How we work

Industrialization for scale

We provide the tools, frameworks, best practices, and scale to help agencies implement digital service factories that power their transformation.

Service design

We are an industry leader using design thinking and human-centered design to create and implement business processes that serve and delight citizens.

Agile and rapid prototyping

We use Agile methods and rapid prototyping to iteratively test new solutions and features that improve user experience, adoption, and time-to-impact.

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Our leaders