Federal CIO Advisory Services & Strategies

Accenture Federal CIO Advisory Services offer CIOs strategic guidance and operational know-how to transform their agencies and drive results.

Leading IT, driving change

Our experts understand the unique challenges federal CIOs face, offering analysis and recommendations to inform decision making while tapping into Accenture’s depth of experience and expertise to ensure better execution.

CIOs need to prepare for an uncertain future by ensuring that IT services are delivered in agile, responsive, and adaptive ways. They also need to harden their environments against cyber threats and have the resilience to respond quickly to adverse events, thus minimizing operational impact and risk. And all against a constant backdrop of cost constraints and demands to find new efficiencies.

In the future, CIOs will need to balance the “now” with the “new” – putting in place strategies and initiatives that modernize current systems and transform agencies into digital leaders with the latest digital platforms.

Who we are

Our highly experienced team has served as CIOs for federal agencies, led some of the largest and most consequential digital government initiatives, and successfully implemented end-to-end IT transformation.

Seasoned practitioners

As IT strategists and former government CIOs, we combine on-point experience with private sector expertise to bring the best thinking to federal CIOs.

Strategic advisors

Using our strategy, technology, and program management expertise, we help CIOs develop an IT action plan that enables resilience and agility.

Trusted partners

As trusted advisors, we work with IT leaders to deliver practical, experiential and peer-to-peer strategic advice that drives innovation and delivery.

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How we can help

We use industry best practices, performance benchmarking, and established playbooks to craft a client-specific strategy and approach to every engagement. This model helps us deliver sustainable and demonstrable results faster.

CIO of the future

We help CIOs adapt to the “never normal” by conducting rapid strategy resets to get agencies on a more sustainable path for agility and resiliency.

Accelerating modernization

We provide CIOs with a roadmap for modernization to accelerate the adoption of cloud and digital platforms that drive enhanced citizen services.

CIO innovation agenda

We help CIOs drive innovation by evaluating emerging technologies, aligning them to mission needs, & building comprehensive roadmaps for deployment.

CIO advisory services

Our guidance covers technology and operations, enabling better decisions across cloud, digital platforms, cyber, ERP, analytics, and automation.

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Strategic CIO services for 2021

2021 will continue to be a challenging year with unique circumstances that require strategies tailored for our times. Our strategic CIO services address these challenges directly and are designed to achieve widespread adoption and real impact now.

Conduct an IT strategy re-set

Rapidly update IT strategies in response to the new normal, the new administration, and advances in technologies. Done within 4 or 8 weeks.

Determine your progress on the 12 key CIO plays

Learn about the 12 key CIO plays for 2021, what actions successful organizations take, and how to integrate these plays into your operations.

Conduct an IT modernization maturity assessment

Assess your agency’s progress against 50 IT modernization best practices in 6 different capability areas. Update your Strategy and Roadmap.

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Our leaders

Where future meets federal. Viewpoints on applying the New now in federal.

Making the Technology Modernization Fund work for your agency

Strong TMF proposals share several characteristics, including a focus on demonstrating business value and investment from across agency leadership.

How new federal CIOs can make an immediate impact

Applying agile principles to rapid strategy development can help new federal CIOs make an immediate impact.

Closing the digital divide for the federal workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the government’s digital transformation. How can federal CIOs and other technology leaders build on that progress?