Accenture Health is invested in building solutions designed to transform businesses, the health care industry, and societies worldwide. Accenture brings innovations and innovators into each client relationship to help unlock potential future value.

Kazim Zaidi joined Accenture in 2010 when he left his position, as an operating and business model strategist with another consulting firm soon after earning his Bachelor’s in engineering and neuroscience, and graduate degrees in International Development and Healthcare Management from Yale University. Because his graduate thesis focused heavily on social justice issues, economic inequalities and health disparities within marginalized populations in South Asia, Zaidi recognized that the health industry was his primary professional interest and determined that moving away from general consultation to becoming specialist would play to his strengths. Now, he specializes in development of corporate and business unit strategies for healthcare clients, with an emphasis on operational excellence and growth. He is a leader in our "Fuel for Growth" platform that enable payers and providers to activate their growth agenda through strategic cost reductions and re-engineering their operating models for sustainable value creation.

"I derive satisfaction from collaborating with colleagues because we all bring unique, diverse, functional and tactical skills to the table,” said Zaidi. “Healthcare is personal, and we get the opportunity to solve complex problems and address core issues affecting health care at a social and community level. Our recommendations consider societal issues such as cost of care, unequal access to care and overall financial affordability. It’s rare to be philosophically satisfied as a strategic consultant, which I am."

Despite Zaidi’s decade of experience in business strategy, he approaches each request as an opportunity to make a difference in larger healthcare landscape, he believes becoming more adaptable can deliver significant financial benefits. For example, one regional payer worked to optimize its core operations organization to make it more adaptive. It rationalized capabilities and streamlined service effectiveness. This unlocked several million dollars in value that were redirected into market-focused investments to drive growth and agility. "The payer is on target to save close to US $100 million over a five-year period."

Zaidi references three fundamental reasons why companies partner with Accenture Health:

  1. Accenture's teams think outside the box and customize solutions tailored for the client's unique challenges.
  2. Accenture’s cross-disciplined experts empathize with the client’s challenges and reiterate that they are dedicated partners during transformation.
  3. Accenture uses the power of analytics to approach solutions, which eliminates guesswork and relies upon empirical data at every stage of the project.

Zaidi takes the phrase "head in the clouds" literally. The Los Altos, California, native is not only a passionate photographer but recently took on aerial photography capturing real-time images of fellow enthusiasts, the hues of the sky and the looming nature below.

I derive satisfaction from collaborating with colleagues because we all bring unique, diverse, functional and tactical skills to the table for clients.

Kazim Zaidi

Health Business Strategy Expert


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