When it comes to healthcare consulting, Accenture has deep bench of forward-thinking health care industry experts who know how to go from ideas to implementation. After all: What is success if not seeing it all the way through for clients?

Dr. Andreas Auensen is one of Accenture Health’s senior medical professionals working with his native country of Norway to build a platform to house the country’s medical records. This data rich and user-friendly information will be accessible to both doctors and patients in the future and will revolutionize the health care experience throughout the entire country.

Auensen’s experiences as a cardiovascular internist, clinician, academician and software enthusiast make him uniquely positioned to serve as a bridge between the medical community and solution-based IT. Since joining Accenture Health in 2017, his pioneering perspectives have proven invaluable.

“Even though Accenture is a big organization, our clients receive personalized attention and customized recommendations based on their unique challenges,” he said. “Accenture Health’s success lies in the fact that we find solutions after considering different viewpoints about how to connect cultures, leverage technology and anticipate industry trends.”

For Auensen, the future of medicine lies in technological advancement. He and his colleagues regularly solicit input from and confer with a diverse pool of end users, including chief medical officers, technology departments, government officials, physicians and patients. Interfacing regularly with these various actors is what’s helping streamline the process.

When it comes to finding solutions for Accenture Health’s clients, he adheres to two guiding principles—the solution must:

  1. Add value
  2. Successfully merge people and cultures globally

“The delivery of viable solutions based on empirical evidence will help pave the way for Norway’s health care system and forever change the way doctors and patients interact.”

Although he thrives on utilizing analytics and identifying game-changing software as tools towards solutions, Auensen also depends on less traditional sources for inspiration. Playing in a band, skateboarding with his son and visiting the remote Lofoten Islands in the north of Norway are among his favorite ways to relax and dream up big ideas.

Our clients always receive personalized attention and customized recommendations based on their unique challenges

Dr. Andreas Auensen​

Healthcare Technology Innovator and Physician


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