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Nealy Doss knew she was destined to make a difference in the health care industry. She joined Accenture Health as a management consulting manager in the Health and Public Service practice, where every day presents her with a new chance to roll up her sleeves and help solve complex problems within the public health and services business sectors. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Health Systems Management from Loyola University Chicago, she initially worked for a medical records company. It didn’t take her long to determine that her talents were best suited elsewhere.

“I enjoy helping clients who are facing daunting business problems in a demanding and evolving industry find solutions efficiently so that their patient care and medical access needs help advance and fortify their impact,” says Doss. “Accenture Health doesn’t shy away from challenges. Our experts are comprised of cross-discipline, high achieving professionals who don’t rest until we’ve helped our client’s transition into their best future now.”

Working in the trenches with companies to help realign their business objectives is just one aspect of Doss’s expertise. Recently, a health insurance client was $50 million over budget and three years behind schedule due to a failed relationship with another firm. Once they tapped Accenture Health, Doss and her colleagues analyzed the company’s end-to-end functions, including claims delivery, billing, call centers and IT infrastructure. She worked at the client’s offices until the company was back on track, under budget, and retooled their business model in record time after following the revised 18-month solution that both Accenture’s health industry experts and the client identified.

“Now, they deliver better insurance and customer services to members, meet market facing capabilities on time and continue to work with us on future projects,” says Doss. “They liked how we worked together as a team. Accenture’s clients yield the best dividends because of the quality of our human capital.”

Doss, a former experienced ballet dancer from Yorktown, Virginia, believes her passion for providing community service and dedication to civic engagement is sustained by her belief that servant leadership is the foundation for achieving responsible global citizenship.

Our clients yield the best dividends because of the quality of our human capital.

Nealy Doss

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