Accenture Health payer service experts are prepared to provide end-to-end services to its clients regardless of the number of their employees or customer base. Every Accenture team member is dedicated to the goals and desired outcomes identified by global, national, or small enterprises – including start-ups.

A graduate of Rutgers University, Hema Patel is one of Accenture Health’s Management Consulting experts with experience working with an array of clients ranging from large health plans undertaking comprehensive reorganization to healthcare start-ups entering the industry for the first time. Based in the New York area, she collaborates with up to 70 international colleagues and directly manages several business analysts and consultants. Patel helps to: set realistic timelines; assist clients with vendor analysis and selection; hire key personnel; and employ the right IT and software systems to achieve complete transformations. Hema encourages teams to practice analyzing problems through the lens of people, process and technology. This framework enables teams she leads to co-create solutions with clients that embrace change by leveraging technology that can also streamline operations.

“I help clients think strategically – and in real terms – when approaching large scale transformations, providing guidance about how to achieve their objectives throughout the process,” said Patel. “We bring risks to every client’s attention and use data in lieu of guesswork when creating deadlines, to ensure that co-created solutions are delivered within realistic timeframes and will achieve business objectives. We leverage our expertise and introduce clients to cutting-edge technology that will help them develop a competitive edge within the evolving healthcare industry.”

Recently, Patel consulted with two healthcare enterprises at opposite ends of the industry scale. The first: a start-up which had potential to achieve massive growth by scaling the use of their application in the clinical health management space to acquire new customers. The second: a multi-national health care payer updating its legacy clinical health management systems to a next generation platform. Patel and her colleagues collaborated step-by-step with the startup company’s executives and advanced her existing relationships with the established health plan. By working with a cross-functional team of clinicians, business stakeholders and leadership across both organizations, the Accenture Health team delivered the respective strategic objectives for each client in under 90 days.

“Whether it’s a multi-year transformation project or a short-term engagement, our priority is to develop a relationship built on trust with our clients first, which helps us ensure that the appropriate decision makers are at the table at each stage of the project,” said Patel. “Accenture Health’s experts are universally committed to helping clients cut costs and deliver progressive health care services to consumers.”

Patel engages regularly with her Accenture mentors comprised of subject matter experts, strategists, executives and diverse thought-leaders. An accomplished cellist, avid foodie, exercise and travel enthusiast. Hema’s favorite pastime is creating healthy vegetarian meals of all ethnicities that reflect her Gujarati heritage for family, friends and colleagues.

Accenture Health’s experts are universally committed to helping clients cut costs and deliver progressive health care services to consumers.

Hema Patel

Expert – Health Payer Large Transformations and Delivery


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